Have You Exiled Your Magic?

by | Nov 19, 2023 | Energy Forecast, Human Design, Transformation | 0 comments

Are you hiding your genius, your talents and your magic… from yourself?

Would you be curious enough to start looking at where you’ve been hiding your gifts and how you might be compromising yourself?

Compromise happens when you don’t trust yourself or when you hide or deny your genius capacities. You exile your magic and invite frustration, anger, bitterness and boredom, through the act of compromise. Sound familiar?

On the other hand, when you start honouring yourself, trusting yourself and living true to you, you open the gates to competence and possession in great measure, the theme of this week, based on hexagram 14 of the I’Ching, represented by a wagon filled with wealth and goods. 

Why? Because once you start using the gifts, power skills and even material goods that are loaded up in your wagon, you develop confidence and competence in who you are and what you’re here for. When you put your resources and gifts into action, LIFE itself says “hello” to you and invites you to play and contribute!

Even though your journey might not be an easy one and the abundance showing up might look very different from what your mind or others expect it to be, once you start opening up to the bounty of magic within your wagon, you’ll find what you’ve been looking for all along. YOU.

It’s not about hitching your wagon to a star, you ARE the star AND the wagon of wealth and plenty!

How to get there if you’re feeling less than bounteous? Moment by moment! There is no right way to do this nor can you plan to live your magic. Living at this level of magic is an adventure that begins by stopping the compromise and receiving the bounty that is YOU and all around YOU.

This week check in with yourself.
What’s in your wagon already? What treasures abound?
What are you putting up with that doesn’t nurture you?
Are you compromising yourself to maintain the status quo and to ‘keep the peace’?
Is it time to declutter your wagon?
What would that look like? What step can you take to enjoy and claim the bounty of YOU and your resources?

Live and change true to you,

Juna & Sabine

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