Head Tripping Lately?

by | Jan 14, 2024 | Creative Genius, Podcast | 0 comments

If you’re a head tripper, one who believes what your mind says and gets caught in confusion, doubt and spinning, you need to read/watch this!

In review… Last week we talked about the ambition to rise up, to make goals and connect to the drive that fuels your dreams. Could you connect with that energy in your life? Did you see it operating in others? This week’s energy theme moves us into a different zone and is 2-fold.

Do you ever feel a hunger to know the unknowable? To delve into life’s mysteries and find your inner truth? Indeed this week’s energy theme, based in hexagram 61 in the I’Ching (Jan 11-16) is about exactly that! You might notice a pressure to dive into the mysteries and want to understand them. You can easily get caught in what we call head tripping which can be pleasant, wild and exhilarating yet when it excludes your heart knowing that’s when it doesn’t help you to navigate your everyday life on planet earth!

Are you trying to navigate your everyday life from your head exclusively? Are your thoughts running in circles, creating confusion, stress and perpetuating that feeling of getting nowhere even though you put so much time and energy into problem solving?

There’s a different way… which doesn’t have to do with thinking, but has to do with accessing your creative genius… your inner truth and magic.

The mind loves to circle and spin around problems and challenges. It makes you see the limitations of living in a human world and often is blind to the possibilities.

For example, when you have only $10 to make a meal for 4 people, you can suddenly get super creative… then all of a sudden you’ve transcended the limitation because you’re excited and motivated to think outside the box to accomplish your task. Or perhaps you have a big dream slumbering within you, but your mind is so overwhelmed with all the steps it thinks you need to get there… you never start. Yet when you take the first step and start dancing with life, your creativity wakes up and the journey suddenly becomes as fun as your dream coming true!

To sum up, when you can embrace your limits, create with them and use them you might suddenly find yourself transcending limitations altogether and opening to the mysteries and magic available to you at all times!

As we LOVE to wake up the Creative Genius within, so you can live your magical life in a mundane world, we used our magic wand and cut the price of our Activate Your Creative Genius Self-Study Course in half from now until January 31-2024!

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