How important is commitment in your relationships?

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This week’s energy theme, based in hexagram 29, is about the abyss, the deep within the deep. It’s about saying yes and persisting despite difficulties. Commitment in relationships can bring up all kinds of scary feelings… It’s a bit like falling into the unknown. In relationships you might be saying yes to a happily ever after dream and when the marshmallows hit the fan, your dreams made of fluffy white clouds become a sticky mess!

It is this very commitment, however, that can hold you up during the difficult times and give you strength to be with the sticky mess!

Ideally how it works is that you say yes to something that is true for you, that aligns with your inner truth and knowing. And then you surrender to the experience that comes after. It is here in the surrender where there’s an opportunity to let go of the need for guarantees and control. In this place of surrender, you can find strength and resources you never knew you had.

The power of saying yes means that you also say no to everything else that’s not that! It helps clarify where your energy flows best… to those things and people and causes that are most important to you. Less waste of energy and more of you living true to you!

One thing we often see is what over-commitment does to so many people. You can easily lose yourself in fulfilling all the demands and expectations of what you’ve decided is a healthy relationship that you can lose sight of yourself and your commitment to your own growth and spiritual awakening. Yikes!

To start getting clarity around this important topic… ask yourself:
What am I actually saying “yes” to?
What’s the most important thing to me about this relationship?
What’s the most important thing about my own growth and spirituality?

At times, being in a committed relationship can pull you out of living what’s true for you. But when you enter that relationship correctly, it can open doors and bring forth the best in you.

Just for fun: This past week, we heard The Swell Season live in concert at Meijer Gardens in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Remember that last week’s theme was about “answers” and this week’s theme is about “saying yes”? This song is a beautiful piece that blends the two themes beautifully together… It’s called The Answer is Yes

Live and love true to you and your sacred heart,
Juna and Sabine

P.s. We’re traveling in our Airstream the next 2 weeks… where will the next videos be filmed? Stay tuned to find out!

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