Have you ever felt bad about being inconsistent? Conversely, have you tried hard to be consistent? Perhaps in your workouts, your eating habits, your money habits or your work schedule? Maybe you’ve followed the self-help gurus out there that say that to be successful, you must “set your goals,” “focus on one thing at a time,” or “create a to-do list” and follow it?

Seriously, has any of that ever worked for you? If you’re honest, maybe for a day or a month or until you are distracted by bright shiny things once again!

Going against the grain

Just the other day, I read a subject line on a popular blog entitled, How To Be Consistent.  Giving the blog itself a quick perusal, it reminded me of how much pressure I used to put on myself to focus, to complete everything I started, and to be consistent. 

As a result of reading that blog, I was prompted to write this. Why? Because I’ve actually learned and implemented being inconsistent with great results. For all you Creatives out there who have tried to set goals or to complete projects, and found that it doesn’t work for you, what I’m about to say is for you.

That’s because what you’re great at is functioning from inconsistency when it comes to creating anything. Whether it’s your life, your work, your bank account or your hair-do! But that’s not what this society values. You are considered to be naive, misguided and unsuccessful if you are inconsistent.

What I say is, “When you’re being inconsistent, no one can control you.”  

As one rebel to another, I’m going to show you how to be successfully inconsistent.  The 3 simple tools I’m about to share with you have made a HUGE difference in my life and business over the last several years. And they may fly in the face of everything you have ever been taught about productivity. Just hang tight. Sometimes you just gotta do something different if what you’re doing isn’t working!

My 3 Aha’s to Inconsistent Creation:

1) Instead of setting goals, aim for a target.  

How much time, energy and attention have you put into your goals only to find it wasn’t what you desired? But because it was a GOAL you set, you felt compelled to finish? For this reason, aiming for a target or a north star is that there’s wiggle room for getting there more creatively!

For example, a target I aim for is having too much money and never enough. With this in mind, I don’t set a specific amount, which would be locking myself in and ordering the Universe around. Having too much money and never enough allows me to contribute to causes I support without locking me into a how, what, where or when I should do it to make it happen. And the money I aim for is never enough to accomplish all I desire. In any case, there’s always more. The always more is a hallmark of success. It’s what drives us on to find more, to create more.

If you, like me, are interested in creating beyond the confines of your mind, and you’re still reading this, please keep going. In the same way, if you’ve gotten this far, you are open enough to get that not everything that glitters with consistency is gold.

2) It’s not a given that you must finish what you start

Yes, you are allowed to breathe a SIGH of relief! Similarly,when I first entertained this notion, the proverbial light bulb exploded all over!

You mean I’m not wrong for leaving a trail of undone projects, half written blogs and books, packages of cake mix past the due date for the birthday cakes I never made?

Nope, you’re not wrong. You’re just different. And what if your talent was starting things? Hey, it’s not everybody’s jam to finish them!

If this describes you, ask these questions:

  1. Is there someone else who could finish this? Make this call, complete this project or marry this person? (just seeing if you’re paying attention!)
  2. Who can I hire or influence to assist me with this?
  3. Does this project need to complete? Or will I drop it and put my energy in the direction of something else? To ask it another way, “If you weren’t wrong for not completing something, what else would you create?”
  4. Have I already completed the project in my mind? Is that where it needs to stay?

Bottom line, this tool frees up a whole TON of energy, time and space to create what is fun for you and what actually works. For a bad-assed creative like yourself, the permission/desire to change is paramount to inconsistent and successful creating – your way. First and foremost, don’t wait for someone to give you the permission to change, just do it!

More energy, more time, more space = more success!

3) Do 17 things 

Have 17 things on the go at all times and I’ll wager you’ll get more done than when you consistently take stabs at completing one thing before moving on to the next.

Pure creation comes from chaos, not order.

Creation knows that projects and ideas don’t ever come to completion, they simply change. Order perpetuates judgment and slows things down. Notice how much more you get done when you’ve got lots on the go. 

For example, if you’ve been putting off cleaning out your closet, are you putting it off because it’s this one HUGE deal? From then on you judge yourself for not doing it, and then you don’t do anything at all? This is where trying to complete what you started before going on to the next creates a slow down or even a STOP.

On the contrary, if you were to clean your closet, write the manifesto, walk the dog, write a blog, send emails, pick up the dry cleaning, call your friend, go to the bank, see 2 clients, what can you accomplish in the day?

In the same way, you’ll dabble at all 7-10 things in random order and in 2-4 hours, it’s all done! You’ll actually create more space to do something else, if you’ve always got 17 things on the go!

If you don’t believe me, look at your bedside table.

Are you reading just one book or magazine at a time or several? In the same way, do you get more reading in when you read bits and pieces of everything? Does that work for you more than having to read one book, then the next? 

Like Aha #2, Do 17 things has given me the gift of more time and more space to create. I admit it’s given me freedom to flit around, which is my ultimate happy-making style of creating. And when mama is happy, everybody’s happy!
Happy =successful in my books!

What I just described is living with inconsistency.

For me it is the messy adventure of living. Unnerving at times? Oh, yes! Yet I wouldn’t trade it for anything! Being consistent makes you a sitting duck to be at the effect of others. In contrast, being inconsistent puts people into question. If people can’t pinpoint you, they can’t control you. If you can’t be controlled, how much more will you be successful ON YOUR TERMS?