In times of extraordinary global and personal change, how do you navigate uncharted territory? In other words, how do you make decisions in alignment with your true self in the midst of change? Enter Human Design, an accurate and deeply transformative user’s guide for your own life. Human Design provides a map of your unique genetic code, a treasure map to the nature of Being, so to say. Ready to open a door to your creative genius?

For starters… what exactly is Human Design?

Human Design works with your birth place, date and time. It combines Western Astrology, The Chinese I’Ching, the Hindu Chakra System and The Kabbalah. Well, that’s a mouthful, yet you do not have to understand or believe in any of this to benefit from it.

Your Human Design chart, or bodygraph, based on your birth place, date and time, is a precise map and guide that helps you see how you are genetically wired to engage with the world. It also shows you how your inner guidance system operates. This includes the conscious and unconscious parts of you as well as the parts you’ve been taught or conditioned to believe are you, but are not you at all. By exploring your design, you will gain profound insights and be able to look at yourself in a new light.

You may even find that what you used to believe were character flaws are now quirky super-powers. You may even begin to love and accept yourself more. And as you learn about others and their designs, you can love and accept them too… for who they are, not what they’re not!

Human Design is like the Wiki-leaks for the true self. It tells the whole truth. No nuance of myself can escape. – Becky Markley, USA

One premise of Human Design is that each of us has a unique design and purpose to live out while we’re here in this body on this planet at this time. Some are here to reflect, others are here to guide or to build, while others are here to initiate. And yet there’s wiggle room within this profound design of yours. How you live it out is your journey to explore. The HD system is here to provide signposts along the way.

Who was the founder of Human Design? (short version)

Ra Uru Hu, Canadian born, was the founder of HD. In 1987, he encountered the “Voice,” which asked him, “Are you ready to work?” And over an intense period of 8 days and nights, while living in Ibiza, Spain, the Human Design System was revealed to him in excruciating detail. Ra considered himself a messenger of this system and dedicated his life to teaching it until he passed away in 2011. His attitude? “Don’t believe a thing I say, try it for yourself.”

My Intro to Human Design

I first tried it in 2018, introduced to Human Design from a friend whose life was transforming before my eyes. Needless to say, the excitement of discovering my auric Type (Emotional Generator) blew my mind and urged me to go deeper. I had lived my life up to that point by taking initiative and trying to make things happen, or beating myself up if I didn’t. Finding out that my best strategy in life is NOT to initiate but to wait to respond is working its way slowly through my awareness, like yeast in dough.

Specifically, the strategy to wait to respond gives me a better way to deal with the constant pressure to “hurry up and make something happen.” My auric vibe is “open and enveloping” which means that life and resources come to me. I don’t have to jump start the process! Instead of pushing an agenda (open root, open ego), I’ve been learning to trust my gut response and to wait for emotional clarity. My inner voice of knowing whispers, “Take all the time you need and take action when it feels right.” Making choices from this space of surrender is infinitely easier on my body and nervous system.

What can living in alignment do for you?

Just like me, you are also uniquely designed… and when you function correctly as ‘you’, you can save a lot of time, energy and heartache! Simply finding out about your Type alone can open a door to living in alignment with WHO you truly are and WHAT you came here to do. In addition, Human Design offers you a Strategy to help you put your energy into the right channels, rather than hitting your head against the wall.

And in addition to Type and Strategy, you can learn about your specific Authority, the voice of truth within. How many times have you second-guessed yourself? All of that starts to disappear as you learn how to listen to and follow your unique Strategy and Authority (S&A).

As you deepen your design journey and actually GO to the places on your map, your magical genius starts to show up more powerfully than ever! Unlocking the code to your genius allows you to RELAX and TRUST yourself more. And when you and your body are more relaxed, trusting and aligned with your creative genius, what magic can unfold?

Knowing there is a map to your genius is one thing.

Guiding you in how to read it and apply it is where we come in. We’ll accompany you on this wild journey of discovering what it means to live true to you and as you in a world bent on homogenizing you.

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