human design

You’re never too old and it’s never too late to become the person you were born to be!

What is human design?


Human Design is a system that shows you how to access your body’s consciousness as a decision-making tool, and ultimately, how to live as your true self. It offers you a map, based on your birth time, date and location, to help you live aligned with your energy and purpose.

There are so many triggers that zap your life-force and individuality, most of which come from your mind and ego trying to run the show and achieve some kind of gold standard human award. Human Design helps you gain a fresh perspective on who you truly are and what you came here for… being fully alive as yourself, not just a conglomeration of your conditioning.

As you become familiar with your design, you’ll get to know the conscious and unconscious aspects of yourself. You may find that what you once thought were character flaws are now helpful superpowers. As you learn about yourself, you may begin to love and accept yourself more. And as you learn about others and their designs, you may learn to love and accept them too.

Little by little, through following your inner guidance, you will slough off the impact of your not-self voices (stress, anxiety, fear, pressure) and find your way back home to yourself.

Done with second-guessing yourself?

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What they’re saying…



What I’m enjoying about HD is that it provides new ways to empathize with and understand my own behaviour, reactions, and tendencies, as well as my partner’s and children’s. Juna has been a great person to talk to about this, because of her genuine curiosity and enthusiasm for my learning.

Lindsay Sommerauer - Ontario

My human design sessions with Juna have really helped me see how to best interact with my spouse and kids. What they need from me is now clear and it’s been working! Communication is so much easier now that I understand which questions to ask and how to phrase things so they can hear them. Knowing how I best make decisions and seeing my family’s different styles has been so helpful. I can have patience with their indecision and explain how my style is different!

Tanja R-M. - Ontario

You explain human design so beautifully Juna. It’s such a beautiful system to explore and helps you get out of the areas where you’ve made yourself wrong and noticed all the areas where you’ve been being exactly who and how you were designed to be.

Kim M. - Ontario

Thank you for all of that beautiful information! And thank you again for sharing your gift with me. I’ve sat with it over the past few days and it’s been super helpful and I’m looking forward to integrating the wisdom into my life and using it to gauge my energy! A lot of what was discussed is very on point and helps to understand these strange little nuances that make my system run.

Nicole T. - Nova Scotia

Juna’s insights throughout her reading of my Human Design were (and remain!) transformative. New strategies for releasing old patterns I hadn’t recognized were suddenly obvious, given the core structures she presented with such empathy. Exciting, dynamic, and life-changing: a true blessing!

Penn Kemp - Ontario
Canadian poet, novelist and playwright
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