Ignite Your Magic with Juna Guetter and Sabine Hildebrandt

Welcome to Ignite Your Magic!

A 6-Month Apprenticeship Program

Sabine Hildebrandt

We live in challenging times. All the more important to live fully differentiated as you, not a carbon copy of someone else.

In times of change, we need leaders, healers and creators that can dream up and co-create new, fresh ways of being in the world. And that fresh way of being always starts with you being the greatest version of you. This is where we come in.

Juna Guetter

By magic we don’t mean pulling rabbits out of hats, doing card tricks or materializing parking spots right in front of the grocery store. Magic is the art of living in communion with all of life, bringing forth wonder and awe on this planet and celebrating life and its diversity beyond reason.

Igniting your magic is a deeply personal journey and we honor that by working with you 1:1.

Indeed, this isn’t a cookie cutter recipe or one-size-fits-all approach.

Apprentice with us and get more of you and your magical genius… and learn how to apply it in everyday situations.

After working for 30 years with individuals and groups all over the world, we’ve come up with the best of our best in our Ultimate 6-month Ignite Your Magic Apprenticeship.

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Ignite Your Magic - traveling in an airstream

Are you more-than-curious and more-than-ready to get your dreams into reality, to be true to you and to live your magic?

Who is this Apprenticeship for?

Those of you on a contemplative body/earth/magic path.

Those of you who have a basic sense of self-understanding and self-awareness and are ready to go deeper.

Those of you for whom magic, beauty, nature, diversity and creativity has always fascinated you.

Here’s what people are saying about Ignite Your Magic!

“I popped on here to say how grateful I am to have had you both along for this incredible and wild ride….Your energy or contribution has been an inspiration, fuel and encouragement on this journey of remembrance and awakening. You’ve been a harbour when the storm has felt harsh and also a mountain to look out from when the wind has settled. I am truly excited and you’ve been part of me looking upon life with fresh eyes. Thank you.” ~ A.H., Ontario

“Whew! 😥 Thank you, Sabine. This coaching call today lifted a lot of weight that I’d been carrying for 10 years – that shame and guilt I carried for 10 years.”
A.R., Nevada

If you’ve ever been at that point of almost giving up, yet you won’t because you know there is more
let’s ignite your magic… together!

Ignite Your Magic - connect with nature

In this contemplative and practical approach, you’ll fine tune THE TOOLS you already have and also learn new ways to put your synergy in motion. That is to say, you’ll learn how to put your unique wisdom, talents and abilities into action.

We’ll guide you in fine tuning THE CRAFT of living true to you and we will encourage and inspire you to live your life as THE ART it was meant to be.

This is not a pre-designed course with modules.

This is a 1:1 online training, where we guide and facilitate you to explore your unique capacities and provide you with the know-how and full support to bring forth your magical genius in everyday life.

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Bring your body with you

Open to the gifts awaiting you from the earth

Allow the magic to unfold