Ignite Your Magic with Juna Guetter and Sabine Hildebrandt

Welcome to Ignite Your Magic!

A 3 Month Apprenticeship

Do you sometimes feel…

Isolated or unacknowledged in your daily life?

Overwhelmed and distracted by too much information and bright shiny things?

Ahead of your time and it’s like you’re waiting for people to catch up with what you know and where you want to go?

Ignite Your Magic

Make the ultimate shift from being distracted and over-powered by the mundane, and become inspired to seek the unknown and welcome the unexpected, which is the space from which you get to experience and express your unique energy signature and live true to you.

Get me started!

Imagine in the next 3 months…

Accessing your wisdom that outshines your thoughts, feelings and excuses…

Not being stopped by lack of anything, including time, other people, energy, money or health…

Being able to bring your creations into existence as if by magic!


If you’ve ever been at that point of almost giving up, yet you won’t because you’ve got magical shizzle to do…
let’s ignite your magic… together!

We’re looking for…

Are you ready?



Consider this apprenticeship as a magical studio space you’re giving yourself to learn, to practice and to put what you know (and what you don’t know yet) into action… so you get brain-heart coherence in your body and life, not just your mind.

With us, you get the Synergy Difference which is what makes this program stand out from typical coaching programs.

  • 2 coaches for the price of one
  • generous with 1:1 coaching sessions – meeting twice a month with Juna or Sabine
  • LIVE training pods (group sessions) to transmit info, how to’s and inspiration to help you live true to you
  • a private Facebook group where you can ask questions, be inspired and connect with pod mates
  • and… extra goodies along the way, because we know you love surprises!
Sabine Hildebrandt
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Juna Guetter

Bring your body with you

Open to the gifts awaiting you from the earth

Allow the magic to unfold