Being Space

What if every day was a new beginning with your body?

The best tool we’ve found is to start by letting go of the projections, judgments, expectations, memories you have of your body and let them go BEFORE you fall asleep every night.

Get a sense of how all those thoughts and feelings land in your body (sticky, heavy, gross, tight, sore), then ask yourself these 3 questions to let go:

  1. Could I (do I theoretically let go) let this sensation go?
  2. Would I (do I actually want to)let this feeling go?
  3. When?

Once those are cleared, start being aware of the space that opens up.

Instead of counting sheep, find the space between the molecules of your body and allow that space to grow. Let yourself dissolve into that space and go flying into the night.

When you wake up, before you jump out of bed, take a moment and connect with that space of wonder and awe and be ready to discover the magic you can be throughout the gift of this new day!

Did you know?

99.99% of your body is space!

If you look at the molecules that make up your body, the nucleus would be the size of a peanut, the atom would be about the size of a baseball stadium. That is a lot of space just in one molecule!

From the mundane to the magical!