Learning the language of your body – 3 Energy Dynamics

Have you noticed that you communicate with your body as if you’re asking your tongue what it hears, your nose what it sees and your eyes how they feel? No wonder it’s been such a challenge to listen to your body!

Learning the language of your body

Let’s get clear before we start with this hands-on exercise…
Did you know… that instead of speaking English, German or French, for example, your body speaks Energy? It’s not here to speak the language of logic or the mind.

One of the gifts your body has for you is its ability to be here now, to perceive and receive this moment with all its senses. To make it more tangible, we’d like you to get to know these 3 energy dynamics present in all of life.

Hands-On Exercise (Ponder and write down your findings)

#1 What we’ve found is that many people are unaware of what is destructive or life-reducing for their body, until after the fact. Take some time to reflect on this: How does your body communicate life-reducing energies to you? What are the signs or signals your body gives you when what you’re about to eat/drink or who you’re going to have sex with is destructive to your body?

#2 Then there are energy dynamics that don’t pertain to your body. They are neither life enhancing nor life reducing. They are neutral. How do you perceive those neutral energies? These are energies that might be relevant, life enhancing or life reducing for others, but for you and your body, they are irrelevant.

#3 Lastly, what do life-enhancing energies feel like in your body? What are the signs that your body uses to show you what energy, food, drink, or sex will enliven you?

You might agree that training your body physically is important for your health, but so is training the muscle to know these 3 energies and how they show up in your body/life.

Once you get to know your creative genius, you will find it easier to differentiate what is life enhancing, life reducing and what is neutral. You’ll be able to use this as an inner compass to navigate living true-to-you in a more conscious way.

From the mundane to the magical!