Discover Your Creative Genius

When you’re present and turned on, you naturally open the doors to your potency, your creativity and your song!

We believe that each and every one of us is born with a unique song to sing in this world. Not literally, although for some, it may be so! You have a song that only YOU can “sing.” Your song is part of a symphony, a harmony and sometimes a cacophony that creates this universe from moment to moment. You could think of your song as your unique energy signature… your creative genius.


3 Wild Mind Writing Explorations

(find out how to Wild Mind Write here)

What is your creative genius?

Let’s say you had all the money you needed, plus thousands of extra $ € £ ¥ ♥︎ coming into your bank accounts every month, so you wouldn’t have to worry about earning a living.

Pretend all your needs for health, transportation, clothing, food and drink, and a home… everything just the way you like it, were met. AND you had people who adored and supported you.

#1 If all of this were in place…
what might you easily and naturally do in your day?

What’s that?

Let your imagination loose

Write it all down…

What’s that?

Dig deeper…

Now take a deep breath and celebrate your differences and your greatness!

Connect with your badass, loving Self!

#2 Now, is there anything else you’d like to explore, create or experience? Write that down here too.

#3 How does your body feel when you’re doing what comes naturally and easily? (Not having to worry about money, food, friends, bills, etc.?)

It’s o.k. if you don’t have words for it yet.
Dance it, move the energy you’re aware of

How does it feel in your body?

Where in your body do you sense the energy?

Is it a tingle, an opening, a spaciousness?

Or something else?

What have you discovered in the 3 writing exercises exploring your creative genius?

Take a Highlighter pen and highlight the phrases or words that ‘pop’ as you read through your writings.

What does this tell you about your genius and your difference?

These ‘pearls’ point to the felt sense of you being the energy that’s true-to-you and turned-on!

Get to know this.

Amplify this whenever you can.

This is your unique energy signature, your creative genius, which is the potion that makes all your creations come to fruition as if by magic.

From the mundane to the magical!