Your Inner Compass 

Your Inner Compass is a body-centered approach to becoming aware of what points to you living true to you and what points to you not living as you.

YOUR BODY is like a cat’s whiskers able to sense the energies in your internal and external environment.
In combination with your awareness, your body can guide you through most anything. Many of us have been trained to go to the mind to make choices in life. But it’s not working! When you drop down into your body and listen, you get a felt sense about which direction to go that honors your magical difference.

This body-centered approach in combination with your awareness (not your thoughts) is the gateway to living more true-to-you.

How does your Inner Compass work?

Your inner compass is a navigational tool that provides you with information but never can make a choice or decision for you. You’re the one that does that. Your compass points you in a direction and it’s up to you to follow it or not.

#1 To explore your Inner Compass, recall a moment in your life when you were grooving, turned on and everything unfolded as if by magic. Got one? What was it? Write it down.

How would you describe it from your body’s point of view?

Some describe it as a sense of lightness, a rightness for you, an expansion, or warmth, or a happy feeling.

That’s your compass pointing to you living true-to-you! Your True North so to say.

#2 Now, remember a time when you knew better, but you did it anyways.
Nothing worked out and you ended up saying to yourself, “I knew it!” What was that like? (ha ha, that’s like when everything goes South!)
Write it down.

How would you describe it from your body’s sense?
Some people describe it as a sense of heaviness, or a not-quite-right feeling, a contraction, a coldness or nervousness.

That’s your compass pointing to you NOT living true-to-you!

Your mind will try to wiggle its way in to convince you about all sorts of directions you should take. Your mind will try to override what you actually know to be true for you.
When this happens, smile, breathe and thank your mind for being so “on it.” And then? Follow your inner compass. It’s here right inside you. Trust it.
Your Inner Compass is unique to you. Through tapping into your Human Design Chart, based on your birth time, date and location, you can go even deeper and more refined as to how your unique compass works through learning about your Type, Strategy and Authority, your Open and Defined Centres and so much more!