How to “Wild Mind Write”

This fresh approach to connecting to the raw truth within you originates from Natalie Goldberg’s book, Writing Down The Bones.

Simply put, this is a kind of stream-of-consciousness style writing exercise where you write non-stop for a limited time about any topic.

With this method, you give up your need to censor or to correct, and you just write. Non-stop is the way. When you get stuck or don’t know what to write next, you just keep writing the same phrase or word over and over until something else “pops.”

The target of Wild Mind Writing is listening to your “knowing” which often lies beneath your cognitive mind, and includes the raw truth of what your energy and what your body knows.

You can use this kind of writing exercise when you desire clarity about a certain aspect of your body/life.

Choose a starter phrase based on the topic you’d like to write about. For example, “When all my basic needs are met, I would naturally and easily do ____________.”

Then write about it for at least 5 minutes, and ideally for about 7-10 minutes. When complete, highlight the phrases or keywords that “pop” for you. Let’s call them pearls. You can always ponder the pearls in a meditation practice, or wild mind write some more about them, and see what else opens up.

Here’s what you need:

A (inexpensive) spiral bound notebook with good smooth surface paper
It should be the opposite of precious. You don’t want it to be so beautiful that you don’t dare to write in it!

A quick-acting, smooth-writing pen that glides over the paper with minimal resistance. Get a super-fast ball point, gel pen or cartridge fountain pen.

If you can type fast and smooth, you may also write on a keyboard
We find there’s something about handwriting that engages your body/emotions in a different way. Try both and see what works best for you!

A timer that makes a sound.
Could be your smartphone alarm or stop-watch, an egg timer, anything that goes “ding” when the time runs out.

Stimulating Starter Phrases:

Go HERE to play some more with Wild Mind Writing

Here’s what you do:

From the mundane to the magical!