Stuck? Move your body!

Find those tight, stuck, painful places in your body and bring the movement of fluidity to those areas.

This can start with the awareness of the fluidity of matter to allowing your body to actually express that movement in space. Science tells us that we’re mostly space, so tuning into that can be the start of relieving that felt tension.

For example, Sabine’s rib was out the other day and the pain to go along with it. Initially, we worked on massaging the outside of her back, but when she consciously began working with the fluidity of matter and allowing that movement to ripple into her breathing, she relieved her rib pain from the inside.

A new beginning with your body doesn’t mean ribs don’t go out or you don’t get sick. It’s about how you play with the flow of matter and being in communion with all things.

So for another hands-on experience, for the next couple of days, bring fluidity to the physical expression of you.

You can do this while you are running errands, brushing your teeth or having a shower (don’t slip on the soap!). Or simply devote some space to move your body.

  • Become aware of the stuck points in your body. Lower your walls of any kind of resistance.
  • Start becoming aware that even in the most stuck places there is movement, a flow.
  • Allow that movement to move the molecules of your body, your cells, your body parts and your whole being.
  • Allow what seems to be stuck to become fluid and go where it wants to go.

Whether your body wants flowing, lyrical, chaotic or staccato movements, find the flow in all of it. Allow your body to move how it wants to move.

Notice what changes when you bring movement to stuckness.

Are you willing to be that fluid?

With your thoughts?

With your feelings?

With your relationships?

With your things?

From the mundane to the magical!