How do you choose? You just choose! There’s not much more to it. Once you’ve used your Inner Compass to point you in the direction of your laughing heart, it’s time to make a choice. So often we’re scared of making the wrong choice… but what if there wasn’t a wrong choice… or even a right choice? What if choosing was easier than you think?

Just like when buying new shoes. You try them out, see how they make you feel and if they make you feel good, you buy them.

If what you’ve chosen in the past (ugly shoes, or ill-fitting shoes) doesn’t work for you any more, you can make another choice.

And, just like shoes … if they don’t work for you any longer, you can let them go.


Whenever you feel stuck in a rut, ask yourself…

“Is this where I choose to put my energy?”

“Do I actually choose this?”

NO, I don’t choose this any longer!

Theoretically – could you change something?
Sometimes when we are not able to change something in a given moment, then it’s time to wait a little bit longer.

Practically – do you want to change something?
Sometimes we could change something but are not ready to change it, so… be honest with yourself! Those shoes are the only ones we’ve got, even if they have holes in them now and are pretty comfy.

Ready to take those shoes off?

If it’s a YES, I do choose this!

Keep choosing what you are choosing

Let yourself FEEL the impact of your choice

Keep on walking in those shoes and when you don’t choose to wear them any longer, check in with yourself if it is time to kick them off.

Keep going back to the question

“Do I choose this?”
until you get a NO

I couldn’t and wouldn’t change this right now!

Keep on waiting and lean in to the experience.

Sometimes we’re not over a situation, even if it’s uncomfortable. So we need to dive even deeper into it!

Dance some more in those shoes and check in with yourself a little later if there is an opening for a change.

I could and want to change this right now!

What could you change about this?

What do you desire/need to change about this?

Is now the time to change this?

What could you be or do differently now to change this?

Check out what other shoes are available and have fun trying them on!

No matter how enlightened you are, the question “Do I choose this?” is one of the most powerful tools to living your magic you can possibly use.

Choice can be elusive at first, but once you choose, oh the places you will go!