Can’t sleep?

When you can’t sleep, ask yourself, “How else can I use this time?”

What if you considered the time of can’t sleep as receiving time?
Open yourself up to receive whatever nurtures your body/life.

Nighttime is often when your barriers naturally lower and you’re more open to receive awareness and communication than during your busy day. Hellloooo creativity and awareness!

Stay in bed and like a child, tune into the energies of the earth, flow with the magma flows, play with dolphins, tune into the winds, visit the different star systems … and where else would you like to play? What other energies would love to play with you?

All of that while you relax your body, breathe and receive… melting away separation.

What if nothing is wrong, you’re not wrong, your body isn’t wrong?
What are you aware of?
What can change?
Is now the time?

From the mundane to the magical!