The power of the Generator is in their ability to respond to life. Not to be chasing after things, but waiting to respond to life as it comes to them and to honour what the sacral centre in their body responds to.

Generators are also referred to as the builders. In other words, they make and create all kinds of things. And when they love the work they do, they have this glorious energy and stamina to go the distance. In fact, the right work transforms their life and slows the degenerative process of their bodies. Conversely, as you might imagine, that the wrong work or the job-just-for-the-sake-of-paying-the-bills kind of job can create frustration of epic proportions.

How can you tell if you’re a Generator?
Over 70% of the humans on our planet are Generators. As the dominant Auric Type, they stand alone as the only kind of people whose power comes from their ability to make decisions from their sacral centre that responds. If you’re a Generator or a Manifesting Generator, your sacral centre is defined. None of the 4 other Types have the Sacral defined. Your Sacral is your seat of power, a voice of inner authority. You can also say that it’s a motor or source of life force and sexual energy deep within your body that you use up by day and ideally re-generate while you sleep!

Generators can become extremely frustrated because the mind has dominated their decision making, leading them into uncomfortable situations when their energy is not applied in the right way. As a result, they can end up quitting. A Generator can only know what’s correct to engage in by waiting for their gut response before taking action.

There is only one thing that can bring real transformation and satisfaction to the life of a Generator… stop acting like a Manifestor!
In other words, stop initiating and going after things. Because nothing that’s initiated will likely bring deep satisfaction.



Sacral Authority is your belly’s knowing or intelligence. It’s how you know if a decision is correct for you or not.
*You know you have Sacral Authority if your Sacral Centre is defined/coloured in and your Solar Plexus is open/undefined/white.


Having Sacral Authority means that your inner source of truth is rooted deep in your body, in its energetic gut response to life. Notice when “uh-huh, ohhhhh, yah, eeek, nah, oh-oh, uhm hmmmm”…. comes out of your gut and through your voice box. Your sacral grunts and moans are the authentic voice of your Sacral truth, letting you know what it has the energy for/or not. That gut response is your “yes,” “no” or “maybe” in response to an outside stimulus.
*This is not instinct or intuition (both found in the Splenic centre) nor the feelings or emotions (from the Solar Plexus).


How to access your Sacral Authority:
If you’re a Generator with Sacral Authority… when someone asks you a question that you can respond yes or no to, this allows your Sacral to respond. So when you’re making a decision about something, get a friend to ask you questions about your choice that you can respond yes or no to. For example, “Do you want to take this next course?” Your mind might jump in right away with an “answer,” but to correctly access your authority, drop down into your gut (not your mind) and pay attention to how your belly responds to that question… in this moment. THAT’s your inner truth. Don’t worry if you can’t tap into your sacral response right away. It takes some practice! Over time, you’ll learn to trust this inner voice.

A Generator’s Sacral truth lives in the NOW.


Do I want to do this? Meet this person? Take this job? Go to this store? Ride my bike now? Eat this food? (check your sacral response to each question)
Is the life force itself rising up from my belly with a “yah?” Or is it a “hmmm.” Or a “nah”? (If it’s a “yah,” go for it and if it’s a “hmmm” or “nah,” it’s not for you in this moment)


Always beware the mind. Notice how it wants to jump in with an idea or solution. For example, notice when your mind says “yes, good idea” and your sacral says “nah.” If you make your choices based on what you think is a good idea rather than from your belly’s wisdom, you likely won’t have the energy for it, have to quit early, break your promises, make a mess of things or simply end up frustrated! (a sign that your Not-self is taking charge)



Solar Plexus Authority: It’s how you know if a decision is correct for you or not. This Authority is about making decisions when you’re emotionally clear, the nervousness is gone, and it feels right to do it.
*As a Generator, you have Solar Plexus Authority when your Solar Plexus Centre is defined along with your Sacral.


If you have Solar Plexus/Emotional Authority, it’s likely that your most aligned decisions appear when you’re emotionally clear. “Sleeping on it” is one of the best things you can do for yourself when you feel emotionally charged around a particular decision. This is because you’ve got what’s called an emotional wave. These waves move from highs to lows and back again. If you make a decision in a high or low state, chances are you will end up frustrated. If you have Solar Plexus Authority, PATIENCE is the key. Riding the emotional wave takes time to get to relative (usually 75-95%) clarity. Once the nervousness is gone and you’re emotionally clear, it’s a great time to make a decision.

There is no truth in the now for someone with Emotional Authority. Take your time!


How to ride your emotional wave:
For starters, don’t make any big decisions when you’re on the high or low end of your wave. If you can be present with your emotions without story and without judgement, you’ll eventually notice that the wave changes. Once the nervousness is gone, you have an optimal point to choose. Let others know you need some time before committing to something. You need TIME to get to emotional clarity.

***One thing to note as a Generator with Emotional Authority. Your Sacral is defined and will respond to the life force. You may get a “yes” from your Sacral to go ahead and act on something, which is great! Yet having Emotional Authority means that you must also acknowledge your Sacral response AND you still give yourself some time before “making the decision.” Time to wait for emotional clarity before taking action. It takes a bit of practice to notice what emotional clarity feels like.


How do I (really) feel about this?
Do I feel nervous or pressured to make this decision? (If so, take your time until that angsty or nervous feeling is gone and you feel clear)
Let others know: I need another day, week or month to sleep on this before giving you a decision.


Take responsibility for your emotions. Don’t slime others with your shadow feeling states. The more present you can be with your emotional wave, without identifying with it or trying to understand it, the more ease you will have with your emotions and moods. And so will those who are within your aura. Don’t make decisions in a pressured state.



Strategy: The strategy is the way your energy type can maximize the way you attract opportunities and synchronicities.


Waiting to respond is the Generator’s Strategy which means being open to possibilities and tuning in to your Sacral knowing. Waiting doesn’t mean “doing nothing,” which is what Generators often misunderstand at first. Generators need others to ask them yes/no questions so they can tap into their sacral response, and thus their power.

Strategy is all about making decisions with your own authority, and not based on the authority of others.


If responding is your Strategy as a Generator, it means your body and your energy is constantly responding to life. You have a built-in compass to let you know what you and your body have the energy for or not. In truth, you respond all the time. When your phone rings, you respond. When the pile of books lies on the floor in the middle of your walking path, you respond. When a bird sings, you respond. Your sacral response is not something you have to learn… rather… all you have to do is to start paying attention to your sacral responses and follow them as a strategy for making decisions!


Do I want to do this? Would taking this class (or doing this activity) contribute to my life? (listen to your Sacral sounds to key in to what you know)

Is this response coming from my Sacral centre or my mind? (Your Sacral speaks in guttural sounds… your mind/throat speaks in words)

When making big decisions, have a friend ask you yes and no questions so that your Sacral can respond. Remember, your gut response is key to your empowerment!


Be aware of your impulse to initiate. Initiating is the Strategy of a Manifestor Type, NOT a Generator. Remember to wait to respond to that life force energy rising up within your body before taking action. Your aura will bring you the people, the money, the work, and the resources you need… TRUST in your warm enveloping aura. It’s part of your magical genius!



Signature: Your signature is what your energy was naturally designed to experience, and it is probably what you crave the most out of life.


You know you’re living in alignment with who you are when you are satisfied. Satisfaction is the signature for a Generator/Manifesting Generator.


The sense of satisfaction within your body is a sign letting you know you are living in alignment with who you truly are. All Generators find their life through their work and through how they respond to using their daily supply of energy. The right work transforms their lives and slows down the degenerative process of their bodies. It’s so important to engage in what lights you up!


Do I know the voice of my Sacral yes and no?
Do I follow it even though it doesn’t always make sense to my mind?


Sometimes what your Sacral says yes to might scare your mind, especially the way you’ve always done things. That might not feel so satisfying at first. But remember, you don’t have to figure out HOW it will all work out. Just listen to and follow your Strategy and Authority and see what happens. It’s all a grand experiment!

Generator Hack: Your mind wants to be your authority. It’s been doing so for a long time. It’s scared sh*tless to relinquish control. So what’s a Generator to do? Give your mind a job. Your mind is best used as an Outer Authority or wisdom for others, not for how to navigate your life. Your mind may like to dream, to conceptualize, to categorize or to remember. Let it do those things based on your Strategy and Authority and see what occurs.



Not-Self Theme: Each energy type has a different emotion that tends to surface when we are misaligned from our design. This emotion is called the not-self theme.

What this means …

The dilemma of the not-self Generator is that they do not use their generative capacity correctly. Incorrect energy usage (for example, trying to manifest what the mind thinks it wants without waiting for the sacral to respond) results in the dysfunction of that sacral centre, experienced as frustration.


When frustrated, ask yourself, Have I been initiating instead of responding? (If so, go back to waiting to respond)

On a scale of 1-10, how much have I been frustrated? In relationships? In finances? With my body? With my work?


Take a look into moments when you were frustrated. Were you making choices based on pressure to make up your mind? Or perhaps based on other’s ideas rather than your deep belly knowing? Were you initiating something rather than responding to something?
***To change frustration to satisfaction, follow your Strategy and Authority.

From the mundane to the magical!