Keeping Your Relationships Alive and Juicy

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From the Northern Shores of Lake Superior… we’re back with another instalment in our Relationship Series.

Quick check-in. Bring to mind a key relationship in your life. Is it vital and alive or does it need some refreshment? It’s so easy to take even your most dear relationships for granted.
The energy theme this week is about sex and intimacy… specifically the ability to break down barriers to achieve union. – Ra Uru Hu, The Complete Rave I’Ching, gate 59

It doesn’t necessarily only refer to copulation. Indeed, this week’s energy theme reminds us that we’re social beings who have a need for deep connection and intimacy with others. What often gets in the way of experiencing that connection is the walls we’ve built around our emotional hearts and hurts.

Being in nature has a way of melting our resistance. (Be sure to watch this week’s forecast and meditation on YouTube to drink in the gorgeous backdrop of Lake Superior!) This week’s forecast, based in hexagram 59, is all about that mysterious life force/drive that is needed to penetrate barriers and also melt resistance in relationships. It’s an energy that’s necessary when it comes to relating to someone other than yourself… to be able to break through the barriers that separate you from them.

You can experience this breaking down of barriers in intimate relationships… helping you to open up and to be vulnerable enough to connect sexually. You might also experience this same energy in non-sexual relationships… helping you to open up and be vulnerable enough to connect on a deep mental, emotional or spiritual level. It seems that there’s a built-in evolutionary desire in us to transcend lower frequencies (familiarity, boredom, indifference) and give birth to a higher form… union and communion.

While this energy of breaking down barriers to achieve union is ultimately about relationships, sex and procreation, it’s also about the creative process. I’ve had countless times in my life where I wanted to do something creative, but was too afraid to start. For example, there was a time when I really wanted to teach dance and share my love of the joy of movement… but I was afraid to begin as I didn’t have the skills or training, just the love of dance. In stepped this energy of hexagram 59 and broke down my barriers to the point where I signed up for a Nia White Belt teacher training in September 2000, and a whole floodgate of creativity and dance poured out of me for the next 10 years of my Nia teaching career! What exactly happened to break down my barriers? I couldn’t tell you exactly, but it felt like the Great Mystery was at work and opened me up so that I could do what I thought I could never do… bring me into communion with the energetic power of Dance with my body and my community.

In relationships, this energy has been very present for me as well. For example, I would have never considered being with a woman after being married for almost 23 years to a man! That energy of hexagram 59 allowed my walls to tumble down enough to fall in love with Sabine 18 years ago… and pretty much every day ever since! But that intimacy isn’t handed to us on a platter… we work at it… and here’s our…

5 tips to keeping it juicy… from a platform of compassion and interest

  1. Be curious – ask questions, invite the other to share
  2. Listen more than you talk
  3. Be willing to share what’s truly important to you… be willing to be vulnerable
  4. Learn the other’s love language and communicate in ways that the other person can receive from you 
  5. Don’t take yourself and your relationships too seriously… take them sincerely, but not seriously! Have some fun!

How will you nurture and enjoy this juicy life energy that’s always and already available to you this week and beyond?

Live and love true to you,
Juna & Sabine

P.s. Want more intimacy? Take our Self-Study Course and open up to connecting more deeply with who you truly are. 

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