Kick This Addiction to the Curb!

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P.s. If you’re struggling with anxiety and you’ve tried meditation and it doesn’t help, text us (1) 519 854 7695 and we’ll find a way together. This is our expertise. You were not born to suffer. You were born for joy (your version of it, by the way).

Are you addicted to thinking?
Did the beginning of this blog make your mind jiggle? (good!)
Do you think the same thoughts over and over again?
Or feel pressure to make sense of things?

Wait. There’s relief from your busy mind!

It’s not about stopping your mind from doing what it’s good at… processing thoughts and organising data and telling stories. The relief comes from noticing how much credence you give your thoughts… and then being able to return to your awareness as guidance.

Easier said than done, but hang in there … we’ll give you some tips.

This week’s theme is aptly called “Returning” (hexagram 24) and has to do with the way you get addicted to repetitive ways and habits of thinking when you’re living in its shadow.

On the other hand, the gift frequency of “Returning” is about your ability to ponder an idea, but from a relaxed space, instead of from addiction, compulsion or obsession. All of this mental racing around is exactly disconnects you from being in the now with your awareness.

Ever since Sabine and I followed a call to move out of our current home for a few months and travel, we’ve been watching our Muppet minds constantly commenting on and heckling our earthly ‘performance.’ Our minds don’t like that we’re changing old patterns! Our minds jeer… How will you do the thousand things that need to be done before you go? Where will you live?
What if THIS happens?
What if THAT happens?

Our addicted minds demand answers that they can’t come up with! But they try so hard to predict and solidify the future by taking us on a hamster wheel of thoughts to keep us addicted to ‘the familiar.’

Truth be told, we actually have no clue what will happen. No one does.

So how to get out of this crazy mental rat race?

We went to see Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat, Pray Love and Big Magic, live in Toronto last week. The gist of her message was about her dream for the next women’s revolution… that of being a “relaxed woman.” Essentially she queried, “Can you imagine if all the same “shit show” (mental anxiety about ____) was in your life tomorrow as it is today, but you met it from a space of relaxation?” What a revolution that could be!

In the context of this week’s theme, a relaxed revolution might look like this:

What if meeting your mental anxiety was like letting your mind chatter away like those TV screens in the media section of your big box store, that scream for your attention…while you walk on by, focused on what you actually came for? What if, while all your same mind chatter was going on, you did not let it distract you from living from your joy, awareness, peace and creativity?

So our invitation to you this week is to breathe deeply, to relax your nervous system as best you can, and to walk on by the scenarios your mind creates. Tip your hat to those thoughts and keep walking.

If you’d like some help to relax your body/mind, listen to this week’s meditation.

Juna & Sabine

P.s. read the beginning of this blog

Inspired by the ancient Chinese I-Ching, Astrology, Human Design and Gene Keys, we synthesize this weekly energy forecast and guided meditation to help prepare you for the energetic weather blowing your way. Watch, listen or read every Sunday Morning for another mind-blowing, yet pragmatic piece of the magical pie.

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