Leading By Following

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We’ve been intoxicated by life these days… and that has to do with the theme of this week’s energy (July 20-25) The Seeker who loves stimulating experiences!

Did you know?

… we’re part owners of a goat herd? This allows us to get fresh goat milk (for our dog, Kindra) every week!

… Sabine is experimenting with freeze drying fruits, veggies, vegan brownies, rhubarb compote, etc. We had no idea the craze that freeze drying food is becoming in North America!

… we’re hiking trails to the sand dunes and beach just 10 minutes away

… we spent last weekend at Kirtanfest Milwaukee singing and dancing with dear friends and blissing out to Brenda McMorrow’s Bhakti yoga mantras!

… Juna’s been to the Ann Arbor Art Fair this weekend

… we’re dancing the 5 Rhythms® in an old barn or outdoors whenever it feels right

… and most importantly, we’re dancing the dance of the Receptive and the Creative, being fiercely committed to living true to ourselves in the now

What is this dance of the Creative and the Receptive? It’s the energy that’s been up for us a whole lot recently and then also for you, especially when the energy theme shifts mid-week from Seeking… to Leadership. And healthy leadership is also called Mutual Influence that holds in balance these 2 dynamics of receptivity and creativity.

Influential leaders embody a balance of both energies of Yin… the Receptive and Yang… the Creative.

This mutual influence is represented by the symbol of lake over mountain (hexagram 56). The energy of the lake (joyous feminine) sinks down, nourishing the mountain; and the energy of the mountain (stillness masculine) rises up to support the lake – a perfect image, says the I’Ching, of these 2 diverse energies coming together and being of mutual influence.

Sabine and I have been exploring this dance of being receptive to life… and from this receptivity and through our body’s response, we might find ourselves in creation mode… not the other way around. It’s a very different way of being that requires much patience and presence. Being guided with these 2 aspects in balance is a dance worth dancing… yet not always easy!

How is your life being guided? How do you lead your life? Are you mostly ACTIVE or RECEPTIVE in your day to day living? Or do you feel a healthy balance of both?

ACTIVE = Energy flows where attention goes

RECEPTIVE = Attention goes where energy flows

Live true to you,
Juna & Sabine

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