Let Adventure Be Your Guide

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This week’s energy weather forecast is about adventure and progressing forward (hexagram 35). If you feel strong, it’s time to move ahead with easy progress. If you’re not feeling so strong, stand steady where you are and support will come.

There’s a hunger within all of us for MORE! We want more life, more food, more intimacy, more fun, nice things, more ease… and this week is all about experiencing that. This week’s energy can open you up to your HUNGER… the desire to experience something new, to experience living fully… and then to share what you’ve learned or noticed with others, once you’ve fully lived that experience. We humans love a good story told by someone who has experienced something we’ve never tried!

Yet… what to do when your mojo is less than spectacular and that lust/hunger for life is flagging? Or if you’ve gone complacent… only feeding your hunger in predictable or addictive ways?

Do one new thing each day this week. Change your habits.

Our list of new experiences in the last few days…

  • Firing up an ATV and tooling around the property we’re staying at
  • Laying a dance floor in a 100 yr old barn so we can dance today!
  • Planting 8 beds of veggies
  • Shaving a horse
  • Making up a batch of homemade anti-tick spray for us & our dog, Kindra
  • Driving a black Jaguar
  • Not watching a movie or a show for over 2 weeks
  • Swimming in an infinity pool
  • Visiting Juna’s mom in rehab and helping her transition back to her apartment
  • Strolling by a marina for a sunset date night

What are you truly hungry for? Maybe what you thought was hunger for your favorite snack is really hunger for a new experience. What new or different experience is your heart longing for?

What one new thing a day will you be or do that shakes up your routine and lets adventure be your guide?

Let us know in the comments how this shows up for you!

Waves of daring,
Juna and Sabine

P.s. Ready to shake it up with us? Check out our Immersion program and get support and practical guidance in living true to yourself in every moment!​

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