Looking For God Through Feeling Good

by | Feb 19, 2023 | Energy Forecast, Human Design, Initiation | 4 comments

This week’s energy may have you feeling that life is good and your cup is full. Or you may be feeling that life is bad and your cup is empty. This feeling of emptiness, lack or melancholy is often a driving force to help you explore new territories, to move forward and to fill your cup again.

What would fill your cup? Ultimately, this week’s energy theme has you longing for wholeness, that connection with Spirit/God/Goddess or All That Is.

Looking for Spirit through feeling good is human. It’s what has you, at your most desperate times… bereft of hope, friends, love, money, you name it… reaching out for something to help you feel better or whole.

Sometimes when looking for Spirit through feeling good, you reach for the nearest physical substitute. Food, s&x, alcohol (spirits!)… anything that gives you the sense of being whole, of being home. What if you didn’t have to do anything to fill the void or avoid the void?

Whether you’re experiencing lack or emptiness right now…. OR you’re experiencing fullness and the richness of that, bring your awareness and presence to whatever emotional high or low you’re feeling. Let go of the judgement that an emotional low is bad and that an emotional high is good. Emotions are simply energies in motion.

If you feel stuck in a low, bring your awareness to the numbness or blah and just watch it. Don’t run away. Don’t hide. There’s this amazing thing about emotions. They change. Just like the weather. Be patient. The sun will come out again.

Do you have the courage to let go of your judgments about your regrets, failures, moods, and suffering? If you let those judgments go, what new possibilities might show up?

Judgements often make you see that your glass is half-empty, when it is really half-full. Is your cup half-empty or half-full? Only you can know.
Abundance is a matter of perspective.

Riding the waves,
Juna & Sabine

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1 year ago

Thank You! Presence is a beautiful place to be . Peace & Love

1 year ago

Which cup do we choose, on this New Moon…?

Tanja Rohn
Tanja Rohn
1 year ago

The world is made up of diverse moments. The ‘good’ doesn’t exist without the ‘bad’. They are all part of life.