Magic Happens In The Gaps

by | Nov 12, 2023 | Energy Forecast, Human Design, Relationships | 2 comments

Do you know that (amped up) moment when you wait to merge onto a busy road, ready to join the traffic flow, but there is no gap for you to slip in? Then, after waiting for an opening, you take action, slip in and you are on your way again.

Being present in the moment and just before hitting the gas, you can feel very uncomfortable. Before any potential change, the energy builds, and the pressure intensifies. You might not be able to manage the incredible pressure building inside of you to act… yet you know it’s not the time. If you act too fast with the need to relieve pressure or to prove something, you might create a mess and crash into the moment rather than slipping in elegantly. Conversely, if you’re afraid to act and you wait too long, life can pass you by. Life becomes very dull.

Waiting for a gap requires patience and courage to be present and aware of what is actually unfolding… not of what your mind thinks is unfolding!

This can be challenging if you have the urge to initiate the change you desire. You might be run by the idea that if you don’t act, nothing will ever happen, which is only part of the story. Yes, you’re the one that must press the gas pedal and perhaps turn into a new direction, yet it’s not up to you to create the gap in traffic or that magic moment that invites you to let go of your hesitations and break through to a new way of being.

How much pressure do you put on yourself to have to resolve life’s big and little challenges? Money problems, relationship and health issues, unfulfilled wishes and desires, unlived potentials, are just a few of the things that keep your mind busy trying to find solutions!

What if it weren’t up to you to come up with the resolutions to your particular life challenges? What if you trusted your personal guidance system, which includes your body, to show you the right time, right place? All it takes is a willingness to engage with what is actually happening in the moment so that you can become aware of the gaps where magic can occur.

Contemplation of the week:
Notice when you push yourself to do something that doesn’t feel right. Are you crashing into traffic without waiting for the gap?

Notice when you blame yourself. Are you investing energy into making yourself wrong, or are you present with what life brings your way in Life’s right place, right time?

Notice when after waiting and tuning in to your guidance system, you have that magic moment of breakthrough, right time, right place! Celebrate THAT!

If you’d like some support to understand and work with your unique guidance system, let us know Us! We’re here to cheer you on, to empower you to live true to you and to plunge into the river of life with you!

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