Using The Tools and getting the support to put your knowing into action

Our online Coaching Pods are where you get to bust the matrix of this reality… money, bodies, relationships, business and problems… and start creating and enjoying a new reality where you get to be true to you.

WHY Online Coaching Pods?

Committing to 3 months leaves you with NO EXCUSES to make the changes you’re going for!

It’s short enough that you don’t get bored, and long enough to use it as a springboard to:

  • change old habits
  • bust the matrix of doubts, fears and limitations
  • create NEW powerful ways of being you IN this world, but not OF this world

Live your true-to-you magical life!

Stop talking about it.

Stop dreaming about it.

Get living it… NOW!

Coaching Pods:

5-8 Practical Magicians-in-training per pod

Meet online LIVE twice a month over 3 months with us in 60-90 minute POD group coaching sessions

3 – 30 minute Laser Coaching Sessions with Juna or Sabine

Special Savings on Radionics Sessions