Modesty For Freaks, Geeks and Creatives

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The energy theme for this coming week is about balancing the extremes in humanity, starting with yourself. Earth over mountain (usually earth is underneath the mountain!) symbolizes the quality of modesty that hexagram 15 of the I’Ching reveals. Imagine a mighty mountain content to let earth sit on top of it to depict modesty… such a great visual!

What’s so great about modesty and what does it have to do with you?

In essence, modesty is about the balance between extremes. It’s a term you may associate with religious groups or might believe is an outdated virtue. Yet upon further exploration, modesty is that wise middle ground that is neither chaos nor order. It sits in between.

Life is a constant dance between extremes. Money going out and money coming in. Body feeling strong and body feeling weak. Feeling optimistic and feeling pessimistic. Life is a movement… a flow. You need the extremes in order to change, to make better, to diversify and to evolve into something new and greater.

For this coming week, notice the flow between extremes in your day. Observe the rhythm of your day today. Did it start out slow or frantic? Where are you at right now? What extreme might you experience later in your day?

Has your life, your body, your relationships or your art become monotonous? If so, ask yourself if you’ve been holding back a part of yourself that may have extreme views or desires. Don’t DO anything about it… the very act of paying attention to this dynamic is a powerful catalyst to shift the rhythm without you having to force the flow. Notice when you’re unduly influenced by extremes in your environment pulling you toward everything NOT true to you… and notice when you give up yourself and your truth for someone else.

There will always be extremes out there and inside of you.

Yet there is this quality of modesty that helps you find middle ground… the humility after great success or taking only what you need and nothing more or less. Can you connect with that modesty within you that stands strong in your truth and has no need of making others wrong or justifying yourself?

How will you bring the element of modesty into an extreme situation without being superior (false modesty) yet standing in your truth with no need for drama?

Have fun exploring the gift of modesty this week and let us know what you discover! Or tell us how you bounce to and from extremes and what that creates in your life. Use the comment section below.

P.s. Did you know? Today, there’s a new moon, which is an extreme of its own in the moon’s cycles. Later this week, there’s another planetary extreme… the Summer Solstice… where the sun is at the highest point in the sky, creating the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere! Happy Solstice in advance!

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