I recently asked a superwoman-colleague how she’s able to efficiently manage 100’s of classes around the world? To be specific, she seems to have a knack to know when this seminar requires some attention…or that one needs a new hosting team, or another’s dates need to change. Her super power sense knows when to make a tweak or there . . . and for 100’s of classes year after year!

How does she DO that, I wondered…without going into overwhelm?

Ultimately, she happily shared with me that she learned these juggling skills when she became a mother. Knowing where her 2 year old was at every moment honed her business management savvy.

“It’s no different bringing that skill and awareness to managing global seminars,” she confidently replied.

I got to wondering….What if I could have that keen awareness with my business? What if I treated my business like it was a 2 year old in my care? Aha!

Consequently, when I inventoried my business, I could see that it had been limping along. I had lost that superwoman edge. I wondered just at what point did I jump ship hoping for someone else to come in and steer for a while or swab the deck?

What I noticed was that I had (unwittingly) pulled my energy out from certain aspects of my business. To be sure, I wasn’t treating my company like a precious 2 year old that needs guidance, wisdom, creative problem solving on the fly, and most importantly the attention it deserves.

Wonder what I did to start changing the way I ran my business? I asked:

  • Where have I pulled my energy out of the various aspects of my business? I didn’t even have to understand what “pulling my energy” out of something means….I just went for my first “hit” on it. Yes? or No?
  • Is pulling out my energy and attention from ____ working?
  • Is it time to scrap this part of my biz, or to ask more questions about what it requires? Who could I hire to take care of this?
  • What if each aspect of my enterprise was as precious as a 2 year old child in my full-time care? 

What I learned from this powerful mama about running a successful company is that if I cared for my business as I would a child under my guidance, would I not know it’s “status”in every moment? Would I not have an energetic awareness about every aspect of it and what attention it requires in the moment?

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t believe it’s about having to be hyper-vigilant about every single detail.  That would be micro-managing and taking a short trip to the Land of Overwhelm. It’s more about expanding my space of presence, asking questions of my business, and then listening and noticing what my business has to say.

In a nutshell, what I’ve learned (am learning) is this: If you take care of your business, your business will take care of you.