A New Beginning With Your Body
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In this 3 part class, rich with NEW possibilities, you’ll learn new ways of having and being with your body in these liminal times. What used to be only possible for a select few Shamans, Medicine Women/Men, and other initiates, is now becoming more accessible to you, if you choose it.

What if the times of torturing your body with diets and exercise programs in the attempt to get your body into the ‘perfect’ standard, is over? If you’re more interested in having peace and ease with your body, rather than achieving a 26” waist, check this out!

In addition, if you’re also pretty sure that having a body could be way more fun, that dis-ease shouldn’t have to stick around, and that you could have way more energy, yet you’re not living it, sign up for this class.  To be sure, we’re here to show you a whole new beginning with your body is now within reach… and we’re here to help you find your way through!

A few delicious possibilities to ponder… and what else do you know?


  • waking up happy and feeling it in your body
  • enjoying your body that loves you back and supports you throughout your day 
  • being turned-on as a way of living 24/7, not just in the bedroom
  • being able to let your body be the body, without the need to control it
  • having ease and peace with your body at all times, even when experiencing pain, lethargy, and illness
  • living in communion with your body, the earth and others
  • being able to hear and receive what your body knows
  • trusting your body
  • giving up the search for the one-solution to your body as a problem

Join us for this Matrix Busters Mini Series to kiss awake a whole new beginning with your body!

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If being with your body is less than the peace-filled experience you dream of, are you ready for a whole new beginning with your body?

3 weekly online classes
PLUS bonus mid-week inspirations

June 5, 12, 19

7pm EST

your local time

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A New Beginning With Your Body is one of our signature courses and through repetition, you will be able to master the tools, the craft and the art of your knowing with your body!

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Ready to kiss awake what you always knew was possible with your body?