A New Beginning With Your Body

Go from feeling frustrated with not being able to have the body you always wanted to being at peace with your body and enjoying the gift your body is to you, no matter your age or stage!

What if the times of torturing your body with diets and exercise programs in the attempt to get your body “right,” is over? These old ways aren’t working, and yet most people don’t have a new alternative. We do! 

What if instead of striving for a “better” body, you had peace with your body?

Join us for this 3 Part class in discovering and implementing a whole new beginning with your body! You’ll get tips and tools  from our 30+ years of practical expertise with bodies, to help you embrace your body rather than ignoring it or fighting it.


  • feeling good in your body
  • enjoying your body that supports you throughout your day 
  • being turned-on as a way of living 24/7, not just in the bedroom
  • being able to let your body be the body, without the need to control it
  • having peace with your body, even when experiencing pain, fatigue or illness
  • being able to listen to and trust your body
  • your body as your friend, not your enemy

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If being with your body is less than the peace-filled experience you dream of, are you ready for a whole new beginning with your body?

3 weekly online classes
PLUS bonus mid-week inspirations

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What if the “listen to your body diet” was the only diet you’ll ever need?