Present time bloodshot eye

I’m looking in the mirror where I see my left cornea full of blood – a burst blood vessel, my eye doctor tells me. I didn’t sneeze, I didn’t cough, or do anything out of the ordinary that would have caused it. Shouldn’t eye know what caused it?

Flashback to another bloodshot eye and the start of Nia ga kool

After all, the last time I had something like this, it happened at a retreat I was attending with my ex-husband many moons ago. We were married at the time and while dancing, he poked me in the eye, by mistake. It was a bit of a scene with me crying and blaming him for being so clumsy.

Right after that retreat, he gave me a “make-up” gift that had me curious.  It was a wooden stick, and on it he had hand-carved a saying,“Nia Ga Kool.” I assumed it meant something about Nia, which was my passion for dance fitness at the time. I put the carved branch on my dresser and kept looking at it daily to decipher the hidden meaning. All I knew was I had a sore eye, and an unpleasant experience under my belt.  Not knowing what that hidden saying meant added fuel to my curiosity.

What is causing this now?

Fast forward to my recent bloodshot eye episode, I assumed I must have done something wrong to cause it. It must be there for a reason, right? I worried that my blood pressure was too high. I felt guilty for not going to a doctor for over 15 years because I’m now of a “certain age” and I should. Eye should be able to change it because I do bodywork and help others heal!

Before my recent bloodshot eye, I had been seeking more clarity, more psychic sight in my life, and now this? Eye decided that I couldn’t go out of the house for a few days, as my eye looked horrible. I decided that eye couldn’t create videos for our business because my I looked freaky.  Eye couldn’t even have fun with it by giving strangers the red evil eye, because I was feeling sorry for myself

I did not ask many questions.  Conclusions, blame and shame, rather than question were my guides. Which led to a downward spiral and then nothing could change.

Sheesh! And all because of a red eye! Can you relate? Vanity, oh sweet vanity!

And once I chose to  stop concluding and start asking questions, the reds of my eye turned white again.

What gift was Nia ga kool in my present situation?

Turning my thoughts back to that experience that night on the dancefloor with Henry, I wondered what awareness was right under my nose?

“Nia ga kool  Nia ga kool. . . “

What I didn’t get right away was that the carved message Henry intended for me to get was that everything is not always as it appears to be.  

See? I finally figured it out.

“Nia ga kool” is “Look again” spelled backwards.

What if everything you have concluded about what is going on in your life and with your body is NOT what it appears to be? Would you be willing to look again at everything?

Where are you making conclusions and using them as a convenient excuse as to why you can or cannot choose something? What questions can you ask instead of taking things at face value?

My advice? Nia ga kool.

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