What are your favorite spaces in nature to play?

Oceans? Beaches? Woods? Meadows? Farms? Tropical forests? Mountains? The sky? Your backyard?
We would love to hear from you!

One of the qualities that makes nature so appealing is that it does not judge. It is simply there, doing its thing, growing leaves, fur or feathers, petals or wings. Being the best flower, or dog, or rock or ocean it can be.
The great outdoors can be a catalyst for YOU to be the best YOU that you can BE.

The earth receives you, no matter how you look, how you feel or what you think.

Being in natural environments invites us to let our hair down, splash in the waves, smell the roses, allow our bare feet to enjoy warm sand or cool soil.

We’d love to hear about how nature contributes to you and your body.

  • Is there a particular tree or place or animal that has seen you through challenges?
  • What do these natural spaces and qualities (wind, water, rock, insects, birds, etc.) contribute to you and your well-being?
  • What gift are you to these special beings and spaces that allows them to be even a greater version of themselves?!

Please leave your comments here! Thank you!