When you’re feeling anxious and you just need to calm your soul . . . or perhaps you need a good old fashioned pep talk on how to live more true to you, come and join us online around the “fire” for a generative conversation that sparks hope and ignites your magic.

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What’s required to break through agitation?
No safety net. No toilet paper. Just ONE GIANT leap!

Onto a path where no one else has ever travelled!
How to proceed? With creativity!!!

Let’s explore creativity as a means of transforming the low vibes of fear-based states, and opening a door into a new higher vibe reality, where your gifts can shine!

“Fireside chats are like hanging out in a coffee shop with authentic, honest, courageous and wise friends.”

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Fire Stewards Juna and Sabine

The Fire Stewards

We are Juna and Sabine, also known as the Gypsies of Consciousness.  No matter where we are, either on the road with Athena Airstream,  our dogs and cat, OR snuggled in at our century Ontario home, there will always be a fire burning or a candle flame flickering for you.

See you at the fireside, where the mystical meets the practical!