Fireside Chat with Juna Guetter and Sabine Hildebrandt

The Art Of Timing

June 2 – 2019

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Do you ever have the sense you’re running out of time, you’re behind time, ahead of time, or that time is running your life?
THAT’s the sense of TIME as linear (past/present/future) or as a limited resource.

The ART OF TIMING is very different. It’s not limited. It’s about being aware of that precise moment when you can effect change, or not, and then taking action.

With learning the art of timing, you get to live your life as if by magic. You’ll know when it’s time to break the rules, bend them, or follow them!

What do you know about the art of timing?

The art of timing isn’t about getting your timing “right,” it’s about accessing, playing with and enjoying all energies of creation unfolding in those “sweet spot” moments.

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