Fireside Chat with Juna Guetter and Sabine Hildebrandt
Body Impossible
How to change the unchangeable

September 3 – 2019

To change the unchangeable with your body you have to go beyond the body

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When you’re feeling anxious and you just need to calm your soul . . . or perhaps you need a good old fashioned pep talk on how to live a more magical life, come and join us around the “fire” for a generative conversation that sparks hope and ignites your magic.

Many of us are addicted to the “impossible” with our bodies. That feeling state of being frustrated is an addiction that keeps our bodies in an unchangeable state too. Once we start freeing our bodies of the addiction to emotional states and we get GREATER than the body, we change our laser focus to broadband. Our bodies can loose the grip on the addictions and flow into more ease.

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