Fireside Chat with Juna Guetter and Sabine Hildebrandt
Living in a changing world
March 3 – 2020

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Living in a Changing World – How to embrace extremes while staying true to you and your magic

There’s panic in the air these days. A visceral sense of fear you can taste, touch and smell from humankind in the marketplace, over the airwaves, or on the couch in the next room. FEAR (about change) is rising in direct proportion to the stock markets plummeting. We see people wearing masks. Our minds fill with random thoughts about how to protect our assets. Should we stock up on disinfectant and canned soup?

Yet alongside the media hype doing it’s best to induce a state of panic regarding climate, political and socio-economic change, we’ve also noticed an incredible not-so-silent (r)evolution in terms of people coming together to create, to pray, to play and to make changes for a greater future. 

Listen to this powerful and dynamic Fireside Chat to get inspiration and practical tips to discover the beat in your feet, your inner rhythm that cannot be moved, yet can learn to be flexible with change and can embrace all extremes!

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