Fireside Chat with Juna Guetter and Sabine Hildebrandt
Spontaneous Fireside Chat
March 21 – 2020

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Spontaneous Fireside Chat – How to thrive in changing times

It’s been a couple weeks since our last fireside chat and OMG how the world has changed since then! 

With change happening so fast in the last week, regarding the COVID-19 virus and the panic surrounding it, there can be overwhelm and stress as we all make adjustments to our usual routines and look toward an uncertain future.

We wanna hear from you how it’s going out there in your world.  What can we do to support you in these intense times? Please check out this chat replay on our website and youtube and join our Synergy In Motion Forum Facebook Group, as this is where we’ll be posting lots of resources for you to thrive in this EPIC GLOBAL CHANGE OPPORTUNITY!

How can we be the greatest versions of ourselves at this crux point?

How can we move from fear and panic and uncertainty into our creative genius and peace amidst the storms of change?

Now more than ever, our message here at Synergy In Motion is right on target.

Living true to you and your uniqueness/magic is crucial to not only surviving, but thriving with change.

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