Matrix Busters Mini Series

Mini in length, mighty in oomph! 

The Matrix Busters Mini Series are 3 part themed classes that share THE TOOLS every Mage needs to live her magic in the modern day world.

As long as The Matrix Busters Minis are in existence, and you’ve taken one mini series, you can retake that exact mini series at ANY TIME at no additional cost to you!

A New Beginning with Your Body

If being with your body is less than the peace-filled experience you dream of, are you ready for a whole new beginning with your body?

Join us in this 3 part class to make the changes with your body you’ve been seeking.

Next Live Class: TBA – 7pm EST
your local time


Unleash Your Knowing

Go from feeling distracted and depleted to following the beat of your own drum…
so you can navigate this messy beautiful world with confidence!

Next Live Class: TBA – 7pm ET
your local time


Once you’ve completed the registration for one of our Matrix Busters Mini Series, the Matrix Buster’s Library is also the place to LOCATE your class resources such as:

♥ Links to join the class online via zoom
♥ Links to watch, listen and/or download your class after it’s over
♥ Hands-on exercises that go with your class module

No more last minute sorting through emails to find the right resource just before class begins!

We’ve made it easy for you. All you need to do is register and save your user name and password.


I really really enjoyed the Unleash Your Knowing classes.
I do have a sense of trusting myself more now.
Juna and Sabine’s calm presence is so inspiring.
I’m looking forward to being on more calls with you!

April D., USA

I have no words to describe the “aha” moments that have been happening in all areas of my being.

How could I when this is a new way of being that I longed for.

Dee C., Canada

Thank you for opening up other possibilities to create from.
Since our call I’ve been having delicious sleepful nights!
I am so much more aware of my ‘identity’ of never been a good sleeper!
So I’m continuing to ask for other possibilities and awarenesses.

Renee F., Canada