Overwhelmed By Details? Let Details Work For You

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What details have you overlooked in your life these days, that if you were to pay attention to them, would shift mountains?

This week’s energy forecast is about detail through the lens of hexagram 62… the preponderance of the small. The symbol is thunder over mountain… that bolt of lightning that strikes one spot on the mountain that changes everything. It’s about paying attention to and expressing those small details in life that can make a big difference.

Here’s a few sayings that encapsulate this week’s energy.

Count your blessings.
Practice makes perfect.
Celebrate small wins.

Our friend and Canadian Kirtan singer/songwriter, Rachel McGarry, has been producing her second album, She Rises, for a while now. Her creation process has included so many details including the process of writing, listening to and refining each song… recording hundreds of takes to get just the right combination and layers of voice and instrumentals, let alone infusing each song with her special magic!

By the way, one small detailed action that you can do right now to help bring her album to success is to pre-save it on Spotify. When you pre-save, the album stands a better chance to get on Spotify curated playlists which means exposure to new listeners. The more people who listen, the more she can keep making her sacred music!

By taking this small action, you can help create a big ripple! And that’s the point and the power of this week’s energy theme. What little thing can you do or be right now that would add to your life and/or contribute to others?

Oftentimes people get stuck in wanting to do a BIG thing and then quit due to being overwhelmed by the details. But if you do one small thing a day in the direction of your dreams, what would that create? Good musicians know the power of detail through their commitment to practicing their scales, for instance. Performing musicians, poets and storytellers have likely performed the same pieces over and over again, hence getting better and better at what they do.

The power in the detail, while it may at times seem boring to perform the same piece over and over, is that being strong in the details can bring performers into the space of reverie that their music, poems or stories inspire and evoke, without having to focus on technique. This space of reverie is the gift of years and years of practice makes perfect and being solid in the details.

What details have you overlooked in your life these days, that if you were to pay attention to them, would shift mountains?

Live true to you,
Juna & Sabine

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