Living true to you
Juna Guetter and Sabine Hildebrandt aka Gypsies of Consciousness

We’ll show you how to scratch that itch for more magic, wonder and awe in your life!

Come with us on a walk-about of learning to live true-to-you in communion with your body, the earth and all things.

Get the energy of it?

Training. Coaching. Embodied Adventures.

No matter HOW you choose to work with us, you’ll get The Tools, practice The Craft and become The Art of Living true-to-you in a changing world.

The Tools are WHAT you need to discover your innate gifts and to bust the crap that gets in the way

Ready to cut the crap in your life so you can move ahead without re-creating the same mess down the road again?

Get The Tools to unleash your knowing and kiss doubt good-bye!

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The Craft is HOW you use The Tools in daily living

The Craft of living true-to-you is HOW you use The Tools in the messy beautiful parts of your daily life, where it counts.

Simply put, The Craft is putting what you know into action.

The Craft is the consistent thread through every interface with us, ’cause what good are the tools if you don’t USE them?

When you live your life as if by magic, you become The Art of living true-to-you.

This is a process that unfolds with every choice, every action, every step you take.

Indulge in 1:1 Discovery Sessions to discover your innate gifts and become the sovereign being in your life! → learn more

The Art is WHO you are becoming, which is the fullest expression of you in the world


Unleash your knowing.  Live your greatness.  Ignite your magic.


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Just when I had given up hope of finding the key to that childhood memory of the true spark of life, Juna and Sabine came into my life. I have not been the same since. The “possible” I have dreamed of my entire life is becoming real on a daily basis and in a very tangible way. Anyone who needs to be put on track to rediscover that innocent beauty of life, don’t hesitate.
Dee C., Ontario, Canada
So! Thank you both! for your awareness and caring. You were a dose of exactly what I needed.
Thank you again for all of your contributions, seen and unseen, to our lives.
Judy B., Ontario, Canada
What a great call and what an amazing contribution…thank you a lot for you, being you and being that much inspiration in the right moment, when all my motivation was gone ;-))!
Karin T. , Vienna, Austria
Thanks guys…..you are paradigm shifters!!!!!  :-))
Paula M., New York, USA

Thank you so much for bringing up this theme “Fool“!

During this Fireside hour I realized how “verknorzt” and tight I still am.

Having the super power to be a fool. Wow ! Thank you for this gift !

Sonja S., Switzerland

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