Practice Living Your Genius

by | May 28, 2023 | Civilization, Creativity, Energy Forecast, Human Design | 2 comments

We made it to our destination!!! We are OUT of Ontario and IN to Michigan! LOL, as Sabine says “moochdocking” at a friend’s place. (Google it, it’s a real thing, apparently)

This week’s energy weather forecast is all about enthusiasm and skills, from Hexagram 16 in the I’Ching… such a timely theme!

Just like with anything in life, it takes practice to live true to you and your genius… your gifts and unique way of being in the world. Practicing these skills over time definitely pays off and leads to mastery. Make sure to watch the energy forecast for this week to hear our recent story!

Sabine and I have been using all our tools to live true to us as we have started our journey into the unknown this past week. So many things “got in the way” of us leaving Ontario when we had originally planned, but we know it’s all part of what it is to surrender to the unfolding of our lives vs. forcing our lives. To this we are deeply committed… living our uniqueness, following our personal authority and being ourselves as much as possible. Not easy in a world that constantly tries to make us into something other than who we truly are.

Are you burned out or stressed from over-giving, over-caring or not being able to manage your energy in ways that honor your genius?

If so, let us walk with you day by day, week by week, month by month in our signature Immersion program. Learn how to make wise and healthy decisions based on the way your energy system is designed to function best!

We’ll show you how you are uniquely designed and what your special gifts are through the lens of your human design. Then we will support you step by step being able to discover, trust and align with who you truly are (genius) and what you came here to do.

3 months. You and us.

One of the outstanding features of our Immersion Program is the text/phone access to us in-between weekly coaching sessions. Our clients LOVE this connection as it holds them accountable to practice their genius in daily life, where it counts!

Sabine works with you and your physical, emotional and spiritual bodies through Radionics long distance balancing… and her mystical, magical ways of bringing forth your genius through powerful, loving, transformative coaching conversations.

Juna uses Human Design to help you get the mental understanding of “why this?” and “why that?” about yourself… to help you accept your limits, embrace your gifts and then to surrender into falling in love with who you truly are and what you really came here for.

So what are you doing over the next 3 months?

Who would you be 3 months from now if you immersed yourself in the most profound and practical self-understanding, confidence building and self-love experience you’ve ever immersed yourself in?

Ready to dive in? Get started. We are ready for you!

Enthusiastically practicing living true to us as we walk with you,
Juna & Sabine

P.s. Don’t know us quite yet? Jump in with your big toe first by taking our Activate Your Creative Genius Self-Study Course and fall in love with yourself!

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10 months ago

I was able to listen a couple times this week! Practicing using the tools! Thanks for doing these videos!

10 months ago

Don’t you love the root for enthusiasm: “possessed by a god, inspired”! Love YOURS!

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