Monthly Payment for

Ignite Your Magic

This is a 3 month apprenticeship which includes:
Ignite Sessions with Sabine
60 minutes each

Human Design with Juna
Human Design provides you with a map or blueprint (based on your birth date/time/place) of your gifts, talents and challenges, and shows you how to listen to the voice within for guidance in all areas of living.

Radionics with Sabine
a personalized radionics program to accompany you through the 3 months, supporting you and your body (and whatever else we’re working on) to change the patterns that hold you back and increase the joy of living.

Easy Access to us via text/phone
for 5-10 minute intervals – between 9am and 9pm ET any day as long as you’re apprenticing with us. This ‘easy access’ is a key feature to your success in changing core patterns and living more true to you.