Whether you’re looking for help with your body… be it relief from pain or allergies… help with increasing your energy and stamina… or help with improving your life or business… radionics is a fascinating new possibility that just may be worth exploring.

If you’re wondering what Radionics is or how it works, you’re probably also wondering what you might get out of it.

As you are unique, so is your journey to wellbeing. It shows up differently for each person, thus I can’t promise specific results or give diagnoses. But I can promise that I will accompany you with my intuitive knowledge of health and wellness plus 3 decades of experience as a radionics practitioner.

Practically, you start with a free intake session, where we discuss your particular situation and what to focus on. Based on that, I create a customised program for you that addresses your concerns for one month (minimum) of balancing.

The general focus of receiving radionics is to enhance the likelihood of increased well-being and vitality in your particular mind-body-spirit system, business or project.

As information is accessible through time and space, you can be wherever you are and do not need to be physically present to receive the balancings.

What is Radionics and how does it work?


Radionics is pain free, drug free and sessions are done long distance (meaning you don’t have to travel to me).
Radionics is a method of detecting and balancing the information in the bio-field of any kind of living system at a distance. The bio-field is a field of information that exists within and around all living and non-living things.

Do you know how when you change your negative thoughts to positive ones, you start to feel better? Not only does your body feels better, even the circumstances around you seem to improve. With radionics, you can change the information in the bio-field by sending new information to your system By doing so, that system receives the information it needs to bring forth its most vital, healthy expression into matter.

In the 30+ years of working with people and their well-being, I’ve noticed this very thing:

Change the information. Change the  body. Change the life.

This technology is based in the understanding that:

❤︎  we are all connected

❤︎  everything in the universe is energy in its most fundamental form

❤︎  all forms of energy are governed by Bio Fields or Intrinsic Data Fields (IDFs)

❤︎  some aspects of this unique IDF can be measured and changed

SE5 1000

Radionics is used to create change in many different areas of life. For example, the wellness of humans, animals, plants, agriculture or even a business.

What they’re saying…




… I did a few walks which my hips would (usually) give out and they didn’t, so that was a miracle in itself.

Erin F. - Australia

Thank you!!!

You are really in tune with me…I was feeling off on many levels.

Starting to recalibrate.

Kim D. - Ontario

It took me some time to notice the difference that radionics has made in my life and body but now I can see that the shift is significant.
I am more resilient physically… Even more important has been the complete shift in how PMS shows up for me. Where I used to have angry outbursts and cramps each month I now have perspective, calm and a gentle week.
What a change!

Tanja R. - Ontario

I have had many sessions with Sabine and each and every time I feel lighter, healthier, and overall like I’ve been rebooted or spring-cleaned.
Sabine is a true healer and while her sessions may not be easy to understand with the mind, the results speak for themselves. She also happens to be one of the kindest, wisest, and most intuitive people I know.
She has my highest recommendation!

Meredith Locher - USA
Certified Hypnotherapist

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