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Synergy In Motion’s

radionic Intake Session

Book a 15 minute intake session to find out if radionics is for you


What can radionics Do for me?

Radionics works on the root cause of any issue.
I work side by side with you to enhance the flow in your body, your life or your business. By doing so there will be more room for vitality, abundance and well-being.

What Do I need to do?

BEFORE I can work radionically with you, you need to send me a full body photograph of you (or your pet, land, business logo, depending on what you want to work with). The photo works as a Radionic Witness.

For the balancing itself you do not need to do anything!

what does radionics not do?

In situations where conventional medical treatment or surgery is required, Radionics is not an alternative. Radionics does not diagnose and is not a substitution for medical advice.

What do I need to be aware of?

As I have no medical degree, I am not allowed to make a diagnosis, but I can work on the root cause of symptoms and provide your body or your business the base information it requires to function at its best. 

How that will show up is the adventure that is yours to discover. 

Investment in you for
one month of Radionics balancing

Work with your body/health, your business, your pet’s health or your land (pick one) and get radionics balancing for an entire month.

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