How does radionics work?

With recent advances in physics and computer technology, researchers are now able to measure and change the Intrinsic Data Fields (IDF) surrounding the body, plants and objects using the art of radionics.

Everything in the universe is energy in its most fundamental form and all forms of energy are governed by Intrinsic Data Fields that can be measured and changed

Our work with the SE-5 1000 and Radionics is based in the premise that …

Life on Planet Earth expresses itself in 3 ways …

INFORMATION is the realm of infinite possibilities that exist and can be made manifest through matter and energy. It is consciousness itself.

ENERGY can best be described as the unseen, yet “felt” or “known” quality of something, like happiness or fear. Scientists have recognized that everything in the Universe is made out of energy.  Furthermore, quantum physicists have discovered that physical atoms are made up of vortices of energy that are constantly spinning and vibrating, each one radiating its own unique energy signature. 

MATTER is what can be experienced with the 5 senses. It shows up as a physical manifestation, like a body, a meadow, a nervous system, or a building. Thus, you can smell, touch, taste, hear and see it.


Information, Energy and Matter dynamically interact with each other

Change in one area affects the other two!

Everything that exists has a unique Intrinsic Data Field

Intrinsic Data Fields (IDF) can best be described as the blueprint for the creation of all systems, be it animal, plant, human, business or creative project.

Information is accessible from everywhere at any time and is not bound by time or space

To work more effectively with the information that is contained in a system, thus interacting with subtle energies and physical manifestation, we are using a device called the SE-5 1000. Also known as an Intrinsic Data Field Analyzer

SE5 1000 Intrinsic Data Field Analyzer

By asking questions, we can become cognitively aware of the information in those fields

We can measure the informational contents of a bio-field (IDF) to locate imbalances or interferences in the flow of energy. Consequently we can change or modify these IDFs by transmitting IDF wave patterns to the “object.”

The information in the Intrinsic Data Fields can be changed

With the SE-5 1000 we can discover and work toward eliminating what is interfering, weakening, or blocking a living system. And conversely enhancing that which is supporting and strengthening the vitality of the system.

Theory of Informational Medicine

Don Paris Ph.D. (h.c.)


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