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We need a hair sample and/or a full body photograph of you. We need this BEFORE we can work radionically with you.

Your hair sample and/or the photograph of you works as what we call a Radionic Witness. This is similar to a hologram where one piece of a hologram holds all of the information of the complete hologram. Thus allowing us to work with your specific Intrinsic Data Field, regardless of space or time.

SE5 how to take a picture as a radionic witness
  • Take the picture just of you; no other people, animals or plants in the picture
  • Please do not crop other people or animals out of your picture (their energy is still in the picture which distorts the measuring)
  • Make sure that there are no electrical devices in the picture (like a phone, laptop, TV, wires etc)
  • Try to get as much of your body into the picture as possible (have someone else take the picture)

We will store your hair sample, photo, and your session information for 1 year (after your last session). After that we will delete all of the information.


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