Retreat Is Not Defeat

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This coming week is a good week (Aug 1- 5) to take some quiet time for yourself. The energy theme is “retreat,” meaning consciously stepping out of the fray and taking some “you” time to reflect upon your life and contemplate how you’re living true to you and your gifts.

The symbol for hexagram 33 is “sky over mountain.” Even though your troubles and cares may loom ahead like a tall mountain, the sky is always higher and wider. The wisdom is to look to the heavens and gain some perspective. And when you do, be open for a revelation!

This week’s energy theme is not about retreating from difficulties or running away, defeated. In fact, it’s about deeply experiencing all that life has to offer, but making sure you take time and space out of other people’s energy fields regularly so that you can reflect upon those experiences as “you” rather than being wooed by the siren songs of homogenized culture.

One example of homogenized culture has to do with the roles you play on a day to day basis such as mom, wife, caretaker, employee, mistress, teacher, artist, daughter, grandma, auntie, etc. The roles you play aren’t WHO you are, yet they seem to dictate your decision-making 90% of the time. When you can escape to a quiet place, in total privacy, even if it’s in the bathroom for 10 minutes, check in with who you are underneath the role. Take a breath or two and wait for a revelation. And remember, you’re not running away, you’re consciously taking a retreat in order to reflect and to receive the gifts of being YOU.

Are you able to distinguish your inner voice of truth from the pressures and roles you’re here to play? If not, reach out to either of us and we’ll accompany you on the most exquisite journey home to yourself… through our signature Immersion program. Learn more.

We hope you take a retreat this week whether it’s for 1 minute, 1 hour or 1 day. What insights will reveal themselves to you when you take a conscious retreat from the usual roles & routines?

Live true to you,
Juna & Sabine

P.s. If you listen carefully during the meditation this week, you’ll hear our sweet Nikita snoring in the background ;-) Cats seem to have “retreat” down to a “T”!

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