Right Time, Right Place – Your Body Knows

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Do you love your body and trust its wisdom?

This week’s energy forecast is all about the magic of trusting your natural responses to take you through life in the perfect timing. It’s about experiencing all of life and surrendering to natural cycles, that allows your body to flow with change. This is about the love of the body, beginning with your own body as your temple. By surrendering to natural cycles and your body’s wisdom, you can trust that you are always in the right place at the right time.

If you don’t learn to surrender to the cyclical nature of your life and allow the potential of unexpected discovery, if you don’t make correct and clear commitments, then your body can suffer from the stress of constant crisis, disappointment or upheaval. ~ Richard Rudd

As you know, a couple weeks ago, Sabine and I experienced a magical night by the campfire where we surrendered to a wave of love for eachother and the world that enabled us to say yes to love in a deeper way. This came to us as a big surprise… a new discovery of love available to us even after 18 years of togetherness! This discovery and opening up to deeper love isn’t available only to us. It’s a potential for you too and all of humanity when you commit to living and loving true to yourself and your unique inner guidance system.

We’ve both been committed to living true to ourselves for as long as we can remember. It is what led us to seek and find many systems and modalities throughout the years including Human Design  which has shown us a powerful way not only to accurately pinpoint what is true vs. what we think is true, but to love ourselves through listening to our body in a distinctive way. We’re so grateful for this unfolding awareness that helps us make decisions in line with who we are vs. who we think we are.

Ever since that night under the stars, as Sabine and I continue on our journey of saying yes to living and loving true to ourselves, we are aware of this week’s very loving energy found in hexagram 46, Growing Upward, the symbol of wood breaking ground, pushing upward into new growth.

With this, we leave you with a question to ponder in light of this week’s forecast: all about the love of the body, surrendering to the unknown, and saying yes to being present in every moment!

If you trusted your body’s wisdom, what would you say yes/or no to?

Growing upward,
Juna & Sabine

P.s. If you can’t quite say yes to loving and trusting your body, book a Human Design Reading with Juna. Your body will thank you!

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