Say YES to Love

by | Oct 22, 2023 | Energy Forecast, Human Design, Relationships | 2 comments

Well, we did it! We got married under a rainbow with some of our dearest friends and family over Canadian Thanksgiving weekend… in the USA!

We arrived home this past week and have reflected on the journey traveled over the last 5 months! Last May we packed up our Airstream and moved to Michigan temporarily, went into the unknown ready for anything, rented out our home in Ontario to a beautiful couple & their dog, ran our business from the road, took care of Juna’s mom through some health issues, danced a lot, healed some family relationships, deepened friendships, steeped ourselves in the glory of nature and ended up with Sabine becoming a Canadian citizen AND a wedding!


Getting married was one of those traditional institutions we NEVER thought we would enter into. Until we decided otherwise. We experienced the whole shift from Never-to-Yes like a movement, a guidance, a nudge from Spirit that now is the time to say yes to love to each other and in front of family and friends. So we went with it!

For Juna, this wedding celebration was also a kind of ‘coming out’ in front of some family members regarding her spiritual values and beliefs that they perceive as weird or wrong… which brings us to this week’s theme!

This week’s theme based in hexagram 50 of the I’Ching is all about values both traditional and new. The image is of a cauldron, swirling with cultures, religions, mores, and values. We can ask this question of ourselves: Am I here to maintain traditional values and/or possibly disrupt them, question them and find new values that support my creations, families and communities in which I live and serve?

It’s funny/strange how our wedding was such a mixed cauldron of values… how we brought new energy to the traditional institution of marriage with our values… by being 2 women… by writing our own ceremony that carried the symbols of our deep love of the wind, fire, water, earth and spirit… by braiding 3 strands of sweetgrass together rather than exchanging rings, by dressing how we wanted to… by being gob-smacked at the weather beings who filled the afternoon with rainbows, horses running alongside us and a red-tailed hawk dancing above as we walked with the goats!

A strange, beautiful brew inside this cauldron of life… with the ceremony coming to a crescendo with our dear friend Blossom’s words… by the power vested in myself and love I pronounce you wife and wife!

And so it is. We are now wife and wife. In many ways nothing has changed and in other ways everything has changed through this declaration, through saying yes to love in a bigger way! We feel different about ‘us.’ We feel stronger and held by the love of our friends and family and you who support us in this new vessel of love.

Thanks for being part of our pack, for tuning in weekly to our blog, video and email that we lovingly craft for you. You being here means the world to us and we are grateful for your interest, ideas and listening.

In the upcoming weeks, we will be changing things around with our video content.
Let us know if there’s anything you’d like us to discuss in upcoming videos.
Let us know what you like about what we’ve been offering and what could change to meet your needs better.

In the meantime, live and love true to you,

Juna and Sabine

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Leslie Switzer
Leslie Switzer
7 months ago

This makes me so very happy! Congratulations Juna and Sabine for declaring your Yes to Love. ❤️

Reply to  Leslie Switzer
6 months ago

Yes we are super happy too… such an amazing thing to say “yes” to!