Stuck In A Rut?

by | Dec 10, 2023 | Energy Forecast, Human Design, Transformation | 0 comments

It doesn’t matter whether you’re in a ‘too much’ or ‘not enough’ rut, it’s a rut which is interested only in maintaining itself. Well, it’s really the power of your mind to recognize and maintain the pattern that gets you stuck in a rut… that is, if you let your mind run the show.

This week’s energy theme based in Hexagram 26, the Taming Power of the Great, brings the archetype that can actually change this. The magician is one who guides you to see possibilities where you once believed there were none.

How can you tap into this great power?

  1. Connect with your dreams, that which makes your heart laugh and love.
    Your dreams give you power to see beyond the norm and give you courage for change.
  2. Become aware of the stories of your mind... those stories that deplete you.
    What rut-inducing stories are you repeating over and over again?
  3. Catch a rut, that which hypnotises you into the same old same old.
    Pause, breathe then connect with your heart and with what you love.
    Let that guide you out of the rut and into your next adventure.

Magic only appears to be magic to us as we did not think it was possible before it actually occurred. For instance, if you lit a lighter 500 years back in time, you’d be considered a magician.

What magic and dreams slumber within you that could help get you out of a rut and into your groove?

Live true to you,
Sabine & Juna

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