Glad you are here


Why we do what we do…

We are here to invite you into living true to you and to increase your awareness of what works for you and what does not.

What do we mean by Awareness?

Simply put, awareness is knowing what’s going on in the present moment. You could say being “with it” or “on the ball” or “keenly present.” When you’re not present and aware, you might miss the magic!

Awareness lives in the moment.

The good news is that you don’t have to always be mindfully hypervigilant. That’s a lot of work!

For example, you don’t have to know everything that’s currently happening on the Internet. All you need to know is how to get what you’re looking for when you need it.

More information does not equal more awareness! In fact, ‘infobesity’ often gets in the way of being aware and trusting what you know. We’ll flesh this out a whole lot more in our Ignite Your Magic Apprenticeship! But for now, just remember “less is more.” More of you and less of everybody else’s input and demands.

There is no formula for being more aware. Yet it starts with a desire to open up to awareness. Awareness is a gift, waiting for you to open it, if you so choose.

Your awareness can show up in many different ways.

There is the awareness that comes from your brain …

you learned it and you know what needs to happen next

For example: you learned how to make coffee or tea and you are aware of the steps it takes to make a great cup of coffee or tea, just like a good potion!
The challenge is to go beyond assumptions, expectations, judgements and habits AND not make this the ONLY kind of awareness that is real and true.

One of the biggest challenges of living true-to-you is allowing yourself to become aware beyond the 50 bits per second that your mind is able to process.

The more you become aware, the less you need to rely on problem-solving, proving, reasoning and justifying (the stuff your mind does very well!). You’ll start being able to access the awareness you need right when you need it, just like Infinity was able to access the information on how to fly a helicopter, in the movie classic, The Matrix.

There is the awareness your body has …

it speaks the language of your senses

For example: How do you know when you have to pee? Your body lets you know. Do you have to think about it? Not unless you’re 2 or 3 and being potty trained! Your body lets you know, not with your mind or in words, but as a sense. Your body lets you know when it’s hungry, what it likes to wear, what it wants to eat or drink and who it would like to have sex with.

There is the awareness that your divine being whispers to you …

it speaks the language of your senses

For example: how often did you change your plans, for no apparent reason?
Or maybe you had a hunch, a sense or a gut response that told you not to go somewhere?
You might not have known exactly what it was or why, yet still you knew.
The challenge is to listen to the whispers and to trust this awareness too.