Nurtured By Nature

What are your favorite spaces in nature to play? Oceans? Beaches? Woods? Meadows? Farms? Tropical forests? Mountains? The sky? Your backyard? We would love to hear from you! One of the qualities that makes nature so appealing is that it does not judge. It is simply there, doing its thing, growing leaves, fur or feathers, petals or wings. Being the best flower, or dog, or rock [...]

We Forgot the Most Important Tool!

We left Legendary Waters and drove on toward Munising -  the home stretch has begun! The internet wasn't available, we hadn't booked a campsite ahead because up until today, campgrounds were everywhere. Now when we needed one, there was NOTHING in sight. It would be dark soon. Arguing with each other, I drove off the road to chill out by the Lake. It was a surprisingly beautiful spot, from which [...]

Henry Moore Meets Lake Superior

One of the great things about traveling with no precise destination is the surprise of stumbling upon outrageous beauty! We found this space as part of Rainbow Falls Provincial Park at Rossport Provincial Park down the road. The large smoothed rocks emerging from the cool shallows of Lake Superior reminded us of the artist Henry Moore's sculptures.      

Baptized By Black Flies

After teaching classes in Sudbury we pulled our Airstream Serenity trailer up to a sweet spot near Blind River, Ontario, at Lake Lauzon Resort and Marine. That night we were attacked by swarms of black flies while taking the dogs for an evening walk! Unbeknownst to us they were the notorious black flies who inject you with some kind of anaesthetic, so you don't feel their pokes & then [...]


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