Tap Into Your Pure, Raw Power with Grace

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Curious…. how was last week’s energetic frequency for you?
Did you notice a heightened frequency of power within yourself or others? The image is of an overflowing wagon full of treasures, power and interactive skills. Last week’s theme (Nov 17-21), entitled Possession In Great Measure, shone the light on the aspect of ourselves that can “accumulate and retain power through skilled interaction, coupling grace with control.”
~ Rave I’Ching by Ra Uru Hu

During that week, after coming home from dancing the 5 Rhythms in Toronto for 4 days, we felt so FULL and in possession of many skills, gifts and resources that allowed us to go and play right in the middle of our upcoming website launch and new course!!! And without skipping a beat, upon arrival back in London, we’ve been tweaking web pages, adding testimonials, and getting the course and programs ready for you… and it’s been a relatively graceful, if not deliciously tiring, process so far!

And now we can feel the power of this coming week’s (Nov 22-27) energy theme as filtered through the 34th hexagram, The Power of the Great! There is definitely an energetic frequency of power weaving its way through all of humanity in this beginning quarter of transformation and change.

The aspect of power we focus on this coming week is raw, primal life force energy that is able to move the individual human to great works based on a clear intuitive knowing… OR to move an idea into action… OR to help you follow through with what’s true for you.

And as you might well know, power directed by your egoic mind and without awareness can be a runaway train to disaster. Yet this power of the great can be truly great when you are in touch with your inner guidance as to how to use it in daily situations. Part of utilizing this incredible potency is knowing when enough is enough and being able to channel it into areas of life that serve rather than deplete.

So this week, be aware of your inner Empath’s tendency to over power yourself by stretching yourself too thin… by being moved to do all the things without your awareness to guide you!

It’ll be super important to tap into your own awareness and guidance when it comes to living out this incredible life force frequency. It can be so easy to get carried away and not know when enough is enough… especially in the areas of sex, relationships, spending, over eating… yada yada ya.

If you need a little help with all that, you know who to call!
Juna or Sabine at 1 519-854-7695

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