The Biggest Lie About Vulnerability

by | Aug 7, 2018 | Empowerment

Have you ever thought vulnerability was a weakness?
Or that if you’re vulnerable you will get hurt? Do you have evidence to “prove it” that when you were once open and vulnerable, someone stabbed you in the back, cheated on you, lied to you, hurt your feelings, or took your money?

That vulnerability is a weakness and if you’re vulnerable, you will get hurt is simply not true and I’d love to clarify so that you can become empowered with the possibility of the STRENGTH that vulnerability actually is. 

What IS vulnerability?

Simply put, it is you totally naked in the wind. If you have been stabbed in the back by a friend, family member or co-worker, how dense and unaware did you have to make yourself not to perceive the arrow that was flying toward you?
If you were truly vulnerable, or aware, you would have felt the wind shift, you would have heard their footsteps. That hair standing up on the back of your neck would have meant something to pay attention to. You would have known somehow, some way.

And . . . one of the reasons why you have failed to notice the knife flying at you is that you have believed your judgments and decisions about that person to be more true than simply being aware of what that person COULD DO, what they said they  WOULD DO, but WILL NEVER DO, and what they MIGHT BE CAPABLE of that you don’t wish to know.

Positive and negative judgments are part of what creates walls of separation

Your POSITIVE JUDGMENTS, “He would never hurt a fly,” OR “She’s so amazing!” are part of what you use to make yourself invulnerable and unaware. Those judgments weave an armoured suit around you that prevents you from actually perceiving what someone will or won’t do, who they are and who they could be, but aren’t being it.

And the same with your NEGATIVE JUDGMENTS. “He’s so stingy.” “She’s so mean.” Because you judge someone to be that way, you will blind yourself to the generosity and kindness they might also be capable of.


Judgments, decisions, conclusions, projections and expectations are the barriers people you put up to cut off your awareness. What if you didn’t have to erect mental/emotional barriers and could simply receive the information and awareness in the moment?

Getting to know how your barriers function, what they feel like when they’re up and when they’re down, starts opening you to your awareness. 

When you lower your barriers (your walls of judgements, conclusions, projections and expectations), you might for the first time stand naked in the wind, perceiving everything simply as information and awareness.


When your barriers are down, you will know when to dodge to the side and miss the arrow that aims toward you. You will know if your partner is cheating on you or not. You will know if a stranger who approaches you on the street is kind and caring or if they will hurt you.

But as long as your barriers are active, you are like an armoured soldier, the Michelin Man, unable and actually handicapped to perceive the nuances of multitudinous energies around you.
Most people think that if they protect themselves, build an armour suit around themselves, they will be safe. But that is faulty. They actually numb themselves from perceiving what’s going on.
True strength lives in the ability to be vulnerable, naked in the wind, perceiving everything and everybody.